Transitional Kitchen Remodel in Tempe



Transitional Kitchen Remodel in Tempe


Transitional Kitchen Remodel in Tempe


This stylish Transitional kitchen remodel in Tempe maximized the use of the existing square footage.  We created a spacious kitchen for multiple people to work in and enjoy together.  The wall dividing the dining room from the kitchen had to be removed to set the tone for our open concept space plan.  Our homeowner wanted to relocate the dining table to the other side of the kitchen for easier access during parties.

Transitional Kitchen Remodel in Tempe


Transitional Kitchen Remodel in Tempe








Working alongside our homeowner we designed a large island for five people to sit at comfortably.  A homeowner “must have”, as seen by the blue tape on the floor, this island had a predesignated location no Designer could move.  The kitchen sink, dishwasher and concealed pull-out trash can and recycle center are all in this island.  We were careful to design the countertop so that no seam would be necessary to detract from the marble like pattern of the quartz solid surface.  This large island with waterfall ends is a beautiful focal point that reflects our homeowners love of entertaining family and friends.




AFTER – A stunning Transitional Kitchen Remodel





This amazing vaulted kitchen ceiling called out for taller wall cabinets to maximize storage and minimize clutter.  We designed a stacked wall cabinet layout to include several glass door cabinets with LED tap lights.  Now those decorative pieces collected during travels abroad have a home.  The shaker style cherry cabinets really speak to the style of this Transitional kitchen remodel in Tempe.  Clean lines are created with the sleek crown molding, light rail and linear stone and glass mixed mosaic backsplash tile.  The stove hood is capped with a wood panel and crown molding bridge that continues the visual line around the top of the kitchen giving your eye something to settle on.  The creation of this break point helps the kitchen not seem as cavernous as the 12′-6″ tall ceilings are.   An amazing transformation . . .  check back in for more details in future blogs.  



Bathroom Design in Scottsdale

Part I of III

From the moment I walked through the front door of my Canadian clients home, I knew from an instant what style I would be designing their new master bathroom. Their single story Spanish style home located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona was completely designed with Southwest decor from head to toe. Now, I’ve learned early on in my career to never assume anything so when they walked me back into their master suite and showed me their bathroom I smiled and jokingly said, “So you want this bathroom to be designed ultra modern to fit in with the rest of your decor?” and they chuckled and said “No, we’ll continue the Southwest theme in here as well.” I always like to joke just a bit when I initially meet clients just to break the ice. As I stood in the doorway and peered into their master bath, it literally brought me back in time and the memories flooded my brain of the times when I would stand in the doorway of my parents bathroom watching my mother get ready for a big night out. There were wall to wall mirrors, cultured marble counters, integrated sinks that were adorned with chrome faucets that had these huge plastic handles for turning the water on along with a large oval tub and shower combo.  Total 80’s…and after my brain absorbed everything, I turned to my clients and asked okay…what are

Scottsdale Masterbath Design

Scottsdale Master bath Design

your must haves?

My clients had 3 basic requests other than it having a Southwest feel. Here is what they told me, “We want a large walk-in shower without a door, some sort of seating in the shower and definitely a vent fan.” So after taking measurements and snapping some before pics of the bath, I returned to my office to begin the design process. After long hours sitting at my computer and shopping for the Southwest materials for the project, I was able create a beautiful color 3D image of the new layout & a few Presentation Boards of materials that I had selected.

I have included the 3D image and the selected materials that made the final cut, after my design presentation. Check back for my next blog in this 3 part series on how I transformed my clients current master bath design in Scottsdale, Arizona and was able to give them the Southwest retreat they so desired!!

Interior Remodeling – Converting a wood Fireplace

When you are ready for interior remodeling – converting a wood fireplace to now use an alternative fuel source is an easy and environmentally friendly interior project. Whether your home is Transitional, Southwestern or Mid Century Modern, we have the perfect solution for you. Interior Remodeling - Converting a FireplaceConverting a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace has many benefits, such as being more energy efficient than wood, without the mess and expense. Gas fireplaces can be used on “No Burn” days or when the electricity is out. No more cold nights! They are designed to produces real flames, like wood, without the hot embers that could potentially start a fire. Gas is reliable, easy to control and remodeling adds value to your home. Another environmentally friendly alternative to wood are electric fireplaces. No heat is lost up the chimney as electric fireplaces have a fan that blows the hot air out into the room. They too, can be used on “No Burn” days and are easy to clean and maintain. Interior Remodels Fireplace Conversion Installation is simple and to light it, just flip a switch! Since no venting or gas lines are needed, they are portable and there is no danger of a fire starting. They offer precise temperature control and are designed so they can be used without heat, if you only want the ambiance of flames. Alcohol gel fireplaces are designed to be vent free and portable also. These too can be used on “No Burn” days. Clean burning and smoke free, they do produce the sound of a wood burning fireplace, none of the others do, without the harmful fumes or hot popping embers. Alcohol burning fireplaces will produce more warmth for a longer period of time than wood will. Being environmentally conscience has become easier with the variety of alternate fuel sources available to homeowners today. Long gone are the days of chopping, hauling and stacking wood to dry, or having to pay someone else to do it for you! Interior remodeling – converting your existing wood burning fireplace is easy to accomplish, easy on your budget and easy on nature.

Upscale faux finishes and textures

As a local Phoenix remodeling company, we understand the numerous decisions homeowners are forced to make during such an endeavor. Ceiling finishes are rarely the main focus of a remodel, in fact they are often completely overlooked. Homeowners are missing a wonderful chance to show off their discriminating taste by not including a stunning faux finish on a newly textured ceiling. Upscale faux finishes for walls and ceilings will add to the value of your home. There is a multitude of choices, homeowners are not destined to a life with dust catching popcorn ceilings any longer! The following techniques can be used to create a captivating ceiling finish that will stimulate your new space. Upscale faux finishes and textures 1 A skim coat is a smooth, almost plaster-like finish that is sophisticated and classic. It can be rather plain and boring unless a faux finish is added. By introducing an intriguing color combination into an unexpected area, you are ensuring interest and excitement. A swirl texture, sometimes referred to as mud texture, generates the look of overlapping scallop-like half circles which can create an almost 3-D effect. Skip trowel textures like Santa Fe and Spanish knockdown lend themselves extremely well to Southwestern and Country style homes. An informal atmosphere is guaranteed by the hand worked, rustic lines integrated into the texture. Light catches and skips across the uneven, natural roughness illuminating the informality of the space. Raised stencils can be used to create many different looks for your ceiling. Formal, stylized designs incorporating a striking color palette can create an eclectic ambience. Muted hues of unrefined pigmentation will add character and visual stimulation to any home style. The overall mood of your space will be determined by your choice of texture, color and finish. A great service provided to homeowners are remodelers who utilize a knowledgeable design staff to assist their clients with the overwhelming variety of options. Intoxicating designs don’t happen by themselves, it takes an imaginative designer and a trusting homeowner to bring them to fruition. These before and after photos demonstrate how much more compelling and dramatic this dining room is after stenciling and faux finishing the ceiling with metallic paints and Venetian plaster. The rich, warm tones create a strikingly powerful, yet intimate dining experience.Upscale faux finishes and textures

Scottsdale Kitchen Remodel

Gainey Ranch Kitchen Remodel


Gainey Ranch Kitchen Remodel


Gainey Ranch Kitchen Remodel


Hard to believe this beautiful Scottsdale kitchen remodel located in the Gainey Ranch subdivision once lacked the design prowess of its current stature. This kitchen remodel was a full scale overhaul from the new space plan with a large island for entertaining to the exquisite marble, limestone and granite finishes. The custom cherry cabinets have all the accessories of any high-end modern Traditional kitchen. Each component lends to the elements of a finely executed design: line, texture, shape, space, color.
Our discerning homeowner of this Gainey Ranch Kitchen Remodel appreciates architectural detail. The custom cabinet details include: multi-stacked crown molding with rope molding detail and stacked light rail with center beaded insert molding, acanthus leaf capitals with plinth blocks at the fluted columns and intricately carved corbels for the island overhang.

The SubZero refrigeration column and freezer column have custom made panels to resemble the cabinet doors. The warming drawer and refrigerator drawers have custom cabinet drawer fronts.Gainey Ranch Kitchen Remodel D

The interior accessories of this Gainey Ranch Kitchen Remodel abound. In the island we installed a trash compactor with a custom painted and glazed panel and a recycle center.

Gainey Ranch Kitchen Remodel


Gainey Ranch Kitchen Remodel


We included full extension roll-out trays, pull-out vertical storage, a pop-up mixer stand, utensil organizers and spice drawer organizers. Lighting at each work station was of great importance. We utilized LED tape lighting on remote dimmable switches, to illuminate the kitchen at the toe kick for ambient lighting and under wall cabinets for task lighting. To make it easy to see all that is stored, inside several of the cabinets we specified LED tape lights on door sensors. To maintain a clutter free backsplash, we utilized undercabinet plug strips for small appliances. The beauty of this remodeled Scottsdale kitchen is not lost on it’s function. Form and function work together to amaze us in this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
Wanting more . . . too much to share in this one blog, look for more to come.

Six Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for Your Remodeling Project

6 Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for Your Remodeling Project:

Bathrooms are one of our most used spaces, but can be a tricky space to upgrade or update. With unmovable fixtures and often tight footprints, options can seem limited at first glance. With a little creativity, though, you can add style and bring your bathroom up to date. We’ve put together 6 bathroom updates that will help move your bathroom remodeling project along nicely.

  1. Hide the Toilet – If you’re working with a larger, master bathroom, a half wall can provide a new look and add style while creating a discreet nook for the toilet. A piece of furniture like an armoire or dresser can also create a functional and stylish barrier without the need for framing.
  2. Update Your Surfaces – Bathroom surfaces contribute to your overall look while also taking a lot of wear and tear. Changing out your tile can drastically change the look of your bathroom. Look for larger tiles to minimize grout lines, which will make cleaning and upkeep easier.
  3. Modernize Your Shower – Many people don’t make use of their bathtubs. Why not remove the tub altogether and create a large, luxurious shower? Body sprays, overhead rain shower heads, and even steam generators can upgrade your shower experience.
  4. Create Space on Your Vanity – Bathrooms with double ‘his and hers’ sinks can be updated to create storage space. Getting a new countertop with a single sink can drastically change the look of the room while maximizing counter space for storage and décor.
  5. Light it Up – Utilizing different types of fixtures in your bathroom can do a lot to brighten and update the space. In addition to overhead lights, sconces or other vertical fixtures on either side of the sink or vanity will provide even lighting for beauty routines or shaving.
  6. Think Outside the Box – Replace mirrors and hardware with vintage brass for a chic, homey look or with chrome to take your bathroom modern. When shopping for tile and fixtures, look for something that suits your style and personality – even if it comes from outside the bathroom section of the store. Break the rules.

Remember when you’re upgrading and updating your bathroom to draw in design and style elements from the rest of your home. Having a functional bathroom doesn’t have to mean having a boring one! Give us a call at Homework Remodels at 602-478-5102 if you’re in the greater Phoenix area and planning to remodel your bathroom in the near future. We’ll schedule a consultation to help you design the perfect bathroom with amazing upgrades and appliances.

Remodeling the Bathroom? Think about the Layout


Remodeling the Bathroom? Think about the Layout

To get the best use out of any bathroom requires attention to the layout of the space. This is not as simple as it seems. So whether you are remodeling the bathroom you currently use or are adding on a new master bathroom, you should take care to get it just right. To help you decide on the right floor plan, you need to ask yourself some questions as well as determine how much you can afford for this project.

Questions to Ask

The answers to these simply questions is the first step in developing the ideal layout for your bathroom, whether or not it is a master bathroom or just an extra bathroom.

Who will be using the new bathroom?

This will help determine the placement of the toilet, the face basin and the bath or tub. This is also important as there should be enough space for the users of the bathroom to undress, to move around so as to get into the bathtub or even use the toilet. The door should be easily open and close even if someone is inside the bathroom.

If the bathroom will be used by an elderly adult, then extra will be needed to ensure safety. The wet zones should be separate from the dry zone to prevent slipping. Lowering or raising the toilet or the type of tub will all be dependent on the mobility of the person.

What functions will take place in the new bathroom?

This will help determine if you need a layout that can accommodate a stool if someone will be blow-drying or styling their hair inside. If the application of makeup will be done in the new bathroom, a nice, comfortable seat would be a great addition.

To control costs it is also important to make sure that the bathroom is close to plumbing lines. If remodeling it makes sense to reuse the existing line. If building a new bathroom, a plumber is needed to help determine the best location of fixtures that will require access to water.

When thinking about the bathroom layout, you need to remember that storage space is important. The greater the number of people using the bathroom, the more important storage space becomes even more important.

Bath Layouts to Consider

Do your research and look at common bathroom layouts to help in the decision-making. When you find some that you like, discuss with you contractor to see if your home has the space required. For example, if you want a guest bathroom, a simple three-quarter bath without a tub may be the perfect layout. For a family bathroom that will be used by both adults and children, the full bath layout is perfect. If space allows, you can include little perks to this layout such as a double vanity or sink.

Now that you the importance of the layout, you can get busy designing for the bathroom you want. Also remember when you’re upgrading and updating your bathroom to draw in design and style elements from adjoining rooms. Redesigning your bathroom also means incorporating colors and elements from other areas of the home. Give us a call at Homework Remodels at 602-478-5102 if you’re in the greater Phoenix area and plan on remodeling the bathroom in the near future. We’ll schedule a consultation to help you design the perfect bathroom with amazing upgrades and appliances.


Kitchen Lighting for Beauty and Function

Our experience with remodeling everything from budget minded galley kitchens to expansive kitchens that flow into adjoining rooms has shown that they all have one thing in common, the need for good lighting. Kitchen remodeling in Phoenix and its surrounding communities of Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, and Mesa will all benefit from proper placement of multiple light sources.

Remodeling your kitchen is the perfect time to take a fresh look at how you use your kitchen and your lighting needs. The first thing to consider is your general purpose lighting, depending on your kitchen layout, you may want to choose either surface mounted light fixtures or recessed lighting. Each type has its own qualities and shortcomings.

Surface mounted lighting comes in a multitude of styles to complement any style of kitchen. These include ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, track lights, cable lights and wall mounted sconces.

Recessed lights are a favorite choice for many homeowners. They are typically not designed to be a decorative feature in themselves. Their quality is in their ability to light specific areas without cluttering the ceiling. They come in several sizes, both in line voltage and low voltage varieties, the 6” size is the most economical and works for many applications. The smaller 3 & 4“sizes come at a higher price point but they tend to blend in more while highlighting other attractive features of your new kitchen.

Areas such as kitchen islands and peninsulas can benefit from recessed lighting although many times a chandelier or pendant lighting will add an element of style and drama to these special areas. Pendant lighting comes in an ever increasing number of decorative options. Depending on your application, pendant lighting works best either solo or in groups of odd numbers.

For your assorted kitchen counter work areas, you will want to consider under cabinet task lighting. These lights also come in numerous styles. Under cabinet lighting is a favorite in that it puts ample lighting on your work surfaces without the shadows that often come from overhead lighting. Depending on your choice of under cabinet lighting they can also make a nice decorative lighting effect in the evening.
As a decorative effect, lighting can be added inside of your kitchen cabinets with glass doors and shelves.

You will want to consider energy use as you choose various types of lighting. Incandescent lighting has been the norm since its introduction by Thomas Edison. The problem with incandescent light bulbs is that only a small portion of the electricity they use is converted to light. Most of the power is converted into heat. This heat is a direct waste of energy and a contributing factor to higher cooling bills.

Fluorescent bulbs are now taking over as a replacement for the common light bulb. They use only a fraction of the power that incandescent bulbs use and they create much less heat as a by-product. Your choice of fluorescent bulbs will depend on not only the wattage but on the color spectrum. Many people judge fluorescent bulbs by the cool bluish light that the early bulbs put out and how the early bulbs were slow to light. Today’s bulbs come in a variety of colors ranges that more closely resemble the incandescent lights they replace and come on quickly. Keep in mind that fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury. Because of this, they should be recycled properly and not just thrown away.

The newest choice in lighting and ultimately the replacement for all other types of lighting is the LED light. This technology has been developed for every household and kitchen application. At this time, their shortcoming is the price. Their price is dropping and as they become more mainstream this should change making them the everyday choice. LED lights use the lease amount of electricity for the amount of light given off and give off little heat. They can be dimmed and can be made to produce almost any shade of light.

Most lighting fixtures will accept a fluorescent or LED replacement light bulb. Undercabinet lights come in all varieties but cannot be adapted. Keep in mind that fluorescent lights do not work well with dimmers, if you like to dim your various kitchen lights stick with incandescent or LED lights.

Kitchen Remodeling is just one of the remodeling specialties we offer to our clients in Phoenix and the surrounding communities of Scottsdale, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, and Mesa.

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