2017 Color of the Year


  2017 Promises to be more Colorful than 2016!


At least, on our walls. Last year almost all of the colors of the year were pretty neutral. But, oh how things have changed! This year, Pantone looks to brighten our day with Greenery. As stated on the their website, Pantone believes their 2017 Color of the Year symbolizes “new beginnings, lushness, renewal and restoration”. They hope you will use Greenery, a “fresh and zesty yellow-green,  to rejuvenate and revitalize your spaces”. Referring to it as “nature’s neutral,” Pantone sees this shade as “life-affirming”. I’m not sure that I would ever refer to a paint color as “life-affirming”, but I will say this is a bright, cheerful shade of green that reminds me of spring foliage and Kermit the Frog!


Pantone’s Greenery

The only real neutral on this years forecast list is Sherwin Williams’ Poised Taupe. It is a classic balance of cool and warm, bold and subtle. As Sherwin Williams likes to describe this shade, “It’s as though gray and brown had a baby.”  Poised Taupe is “weathered, woodsy, cozy and harmonious.” It is a classic background that will work in rooms that have either gray or brown in the color palette. The aftereffect of this color depends on whether you choose warm or cool colors to pair with it.  For those of you who are not ready for the vividness of Greenery, Poised Taupe may be your answer.


Sherwin Williams’ Poised Taupe

Next, is Olympic Paint, they went with a soothing, soft shade of violet. Cloudberry is “refreshing, calming and serene.” As stated on their website, Olympic Paint intends Cloudberry to be a hue to help you “escape outside distractions and create balance in your surroundings.” I would definitely use Cloudberry to create a tranquil and mesmerizing master bedroom suite.


Olympic Paints’ Cloudberry



Because Benjamin Moore decided to go a little darker and more mysterious than Cloudberry, their Shadow is “allusive and enigmatic, a master of ambiance.” On their website, they refer to Shadow as a “rich, royal amethyst that is provocative, poetic and sophisticated.” This is quite a departure from last year’s color of the year,  Alabaster. Shadow is dark and intense, you may want to experiment with this shade in small doses. It would positively make a eye-catching accent wall.


Benjamin Moore’s Shadow



Honey Glow, which is Dunn Edwards’ color of the year, rivals Pantones’ Greenery in it’s brightness and energy. This “warm, golden yellow hue is cheerful, bold and lively.” Dunn Edwards has actually partnered with a nonprofit organization called HoneyLove to promote urban beekeeping and educate people about making their gardens bee friendly. Consequently, Dunn Edwards has agreed to donate 10% of the proceeds of Honey Glow to HoneyLove! This shade, too, may be one to start with in small doses, unless this happens to be your all-time favorite color.



Dunn Edwards’ Honey Glow


Byzantine Blue, from Glidden Paint, is meant to be considered “gender-neutral.” According to their website, Byzantine Blue, which is really a “playful, yet peaceful purple” is uniquely versatile. Because this really is an adaptable color, I could see it being beautifully used in a variety of spaces.


Glidden Paint Byzantine Blue


Last, but in no way least, is Pittsburgh Paint’s Violet Verbena. As you can see, many companies went with a blue-violet shade for their 2017 Colors of the Year. Not really surprising though, as blue is the most often quoted as being people’s favorite color. Violet Verbena has a grayish purple “chameleon-like hue that adds depth and luxury.” It could be the “perfect backdrop” for a little “subtle and serene pampering.”  Violet Verbana is” bohemian, playful, moody and tranquil” in style.


Pittsburgh Paint’s Violet Verbena

Phoenix Home and Garden 2017 Garden Tour

Outdoor MakeoverPhoenix Home and Garden 2017 Garden Tour is on Saturday, April 8, 2017

from 10am to 4pm.

This yearly event hosted by this distinguished Phoenix publication offer valley residents and visitors an exclusive opportunity to tour the amazing gardens here in the Valley of the Sun.  Along the self-guided tour you will meet professionals in the industry of Landscape Design, Gardeners, Magazine Editors and even some plant enthusiasts.  This rain or shine event in and around Paradise Valley promises to pique your gardening interest and satisfy your inner philanthropist with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Desert Botanical Gardens.  Follow the link below to purchase tickets on-line.


Come back and comment as to your favorite feature of the Garden Tour.

Included here are some pictures of Gardens in the Valley of Homework Remodels clients’.



Scottsdale AZ home renovation front entry detailsGarden Tour 001

Espresso Cabinetry & Two Different Looks

Rich, Dark Espresso Cabinetry

Do you love the look of rich, dark Espresso cabinetry in a kitchen? Are you having trouble choosing materials for a countertop or a backsplash? We have two totally different looks for kitchens that feature these gorgeous cabinets.


In the first example, our kitchen designer and client chose an active countertop and backsplash. The Alaska Granite has a multitude of colors and movement. Veins of chocolate, cream and white gently flow across a silvery gray background. The backsplash is composed of strips of glass tiles in the same shimmering hues. Due to the energy of the various colors and the movement of the granite, the door style of the Espresso cabinets and the flooring have to be on the calm, subtle side. This kitchen is warm, fun and inviting!





In this example, the backsplash is Calcata Oro Marble. This sophisticated marble is polished and has veining that pulls in the gold from the floor tile along with the taupe and beige that run through the River White Granite countertops. As you can see, the warm Espresso cabinetry is a wonderful contrast to the lighter, cooler colors in the backsplash and countertops. Also, notice the door style of the cabinets is more detailed than the previous example. This space has a more sedate, quiet ambiance.


















Here’s Why You Should Always Choose High Quality Materials for Your Remodeling Project

After coming up with a plan to remodel your bathroom, you will move on to checking out the various types of materials available. Any contractor will tell you that it makes sense to spend a little more to get the best. For some people, this might mean doing only a partial remodel. This is preferable to buying cheap materials that you will have to replace quickly.

Attractiveness. People spend more on remodeling materials that help them to get the luxurious look they want. When you are shopping around, you will see that items like granite, marble and hardwood can cause your budget to balloon. Quality materials are still highly desirable despite the cost, because they often defy trends, and they can make any bathroom look elegant.

Durability. When you spend money to remodel your bathroom, you want it to last. A higher price is not the only notable feature of quality bathroom remodeling materials. Durability makes the expense worthwhile for many, and spending a little more always pays off for years after the work is done.

Low maintenance. In the bathroom you use a variety of products, plus you have to be mindful of the possibility of water stains. Some cheaper materials, like vinyl can withstand staining, and porous materials like marble can become stained. Generally however, high quality materials offer the advantage of easy maintenance, so you can cut the amount of time you spend on cleaning. Also, because of their toughness, you will have fewer repairs to deal with over the years.

Less strain on your budget. It is true that quality bathroom materials are more expensive initially, but this is only in the beginning. You will not have to deal with frequent repairs typical to remodeling jobs done with cheaper materials. Another point to consider is that a beautiful, well designed bathroom will not need a quick update. So you could keep the same look for longer, while others are changing features to keep up with the latest trends.

The bathroom is usually a high traffic area, plus there is the additional concern of moisture. You can always save money when remodeling a bathroom, but you should never try to cut corners when it comes to picking the best materials. Ultimately, this will cost you more, and you might have a renovation that you are not completely happy with.

Homework Remodels specializes in remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, and entire homes to increase the overall functionality and design of the home. We have helped many Phoenix area homeowners remodel their homes to achieve their ultimate goal. Give us a call at 602-478-5102 to discuss remodeling your bathroom.

Historic Home Remodel Featured by Phoenix Home & Garden October 2016


Historic Home Remodel

October’s issue of Phoenix Home & Garden is just out featuring one of our remodels in the historic Willo neighborhood of downtown Phoenix. The cover photo is of the kitchen. The feature has beautiful shots of numerous other rooms that we helped create over a period of years.

Alex Rentzis of Sparta Photo took the following slideshow’s photos. They were the photos that inspired Phoenix Home & Garden to do the feature in their magazine.








Refinishing Existing Cabinets

With home remodeling trends lending their prowess not just to the dilapidated spaces but, also to those desiring an update, keeping quality kitchen cabinets has become more prevalent.  Recently, we have completed several kitchen remodel projects that include refinishing existing cabinets.  In our experience the quality construction of the cabinets, functional layout of the kitchen and hope to not add to the landfill has led more remodel clients down this path.

Throughout the Valley of the Sun, from Ahwatukee to Phoenix, Chandler to Tempe and Scottsdale to Mesa we have worked with home remodel clients that desire an update to their kitchen with out the larger scope of work to include all new cabinetry.  We have added design details like: light rail, wainscot panels and glass door panels.  We have increased storage capacity by adding custom cabinets.  Additionally, we have modified the space plan of the kitchen by adjusting the locations of several existing cabinets to increase functional counter space.  All are work expectations of our remodel design projects whether kitchen, office or bathroom.

For this Ahwatukee kitchen remodel project we had our custom cabinet maker craft wood wainscot

Refinishing Existing Cabinets within this Ahwatukee Kitchen RemodelRefinishing Existing Cabinets in an Awhatukee Kitchen RemodelRefinishing Existing Cabinets in this Ahwatukee Kitchen

panels and install them on a back panel to the pass through and around the exposed end of the peninsula.  The homeowners hoped the existing quartz counters and natural stone backsplash would still coordinate with the cabinet paint color.  As the designer on this project, I reassured our clients that the counters would look brand new once the cabinets were  painted.  The end result is spectacular.Refinishing Existing Cabinets in the Kitchen of this Ahwatukee home


The homeowner for this kitchen remodel project in Tempe hoped to have additional storage cabinets to fill Refinishing Existing Cabinets in this Tempe Kitchen Remodel some of the cavernous space above the existing, but also wanted some decorative elements added to give her kitchen the custom look she hoped for.  We even found/made a spot for wine bottle storage. Refinishing existing cabinets in this Tempe kitchen 1 She was hesitant, at first, to choose either white or espresso as the paint finish due to the amount of caRefinishing Existing Cabinets in this Tempe kitchen remodelbinetry. We procured a custom sample in a beautiful dry brush finish with a soft white background and grey accent.  While this color is beautiful, once it was in her space she could see how it could make the space feel even more cavernous with the monochromatic color pallet.  At the suggestion of our designer the homeowner agreed to refinishing existing cabinets on the espresso finish.  This combination complimented to the other finishes fabulously.  The end project is stunning.Refinishing existing cabinets in this Tempe Kitchen 2


The original space for this kitchen in Phoenix left the homeowner running into the refrigerator every time he opened the stove. Refinishing Existing Cabinets in this Phoenix Kitchen We relocated the cabinet above the refrigerator swapping it with the cabinets to the left of the refrigerator.  This move provides more functional counter space right where its’ needed, next to the stove.  Once the laminate counters were removed and we realized how much space was unused in the peninsula, we decided to add a corner open cabinet for more functional storage.  The finished space functions much better than before and looks amazing.Refinishing Existing Cabinets in this Phoenix Kitchen RemodelRefinishing Existing Cabinets in this Phoenix Kitchen Remodel2Refinishing Existing Cabinets for this Phoenix Kitchen Remodel 8




Cabinet PullsIf you have been contemplating replacing your old warn out cabinets in your home with new updated ones, then don’t forget the most important feature of all: Hardware and no I’m not talking about the hinges and glides (although they are important), I’m talking about the Hardware Pulls that you attach after your cabinets after they are installed.

It’s amazing how something so small and which may be insignificant to some, are a definite must have in my book. Actually, come to think of it, in the last 20 years of designing kitchens and baths I have never “not” applied pulls to the door fronts and drawers of my clients’ new cabinetry, (and hopefully they are thanking me right about about now.)

Now, I suppose your probably thinking why is she saying pulls instead of knobs? Well, it’s because pulls are “Universal” and knobs aren’t. Meaning everyone from a young child, a person with arthritis in their fingers, or just someone with limited use of their hands can use a pull fairly easily, where as a knob can be very limiting. Since Hardware Pulls are “Universal”, therefore for that reason alone, should be installed on all cabinets.

Now that brings me to my second reason…Hardware Pulls can actually be lifesavers to your cabinetry finish. When our fingers constantly touch our cabinets over and over again in the same area when opening or closing a door or drawer front; the oils in our skin will slowly over time breakdown the finish little by little. Now speaking as a woman, I know far too well about preventative maintenance for my skin…and just as I take care of my skin today for the future, well, the same holds true for your cabinetry. My advice to any homeowner and it doesn’t matter if you spend $5,000 or $25,000 on your new cabinets, if your want to maintain the luster of their finish for years to come, then get your drill bit out and apply some Hardware Pulls.

Wine Space Savers

For the LOVE of Wine!!  Sub Zero Wine Unit

Like most people, it’s nice to sit down with family and/or friends and uncork a bottle of your favorite wine (every now and then) whether it be a Cabernet, Chardonnay or a bottle of Pinot Noir out of our wine cellar. But in reality not all of us have the space in our homes to dedicate entire room for a true walk-in wine cellar, right?  I know that I don’t, every room in my house seems to already be accounted for whether it be for my home office or guest room, etc… Here is my suggestion to all of you wine connoisseurs, when you decide to remodel your kitchen later this year or the next, for that matter…

I have the perfect solution for you!

Install this great Wine Cellar Refrigerator unit from Sub Zero and Wolf in your new kitchen. I have already designed several kitchens with this tall wine unit and my clients absolutely love them. Now, besides these units having UV Resistant Bronze Tinted Glass (to protect your wine), pullout rollerglide shelves (which minimize vibration), and with a flip of a switch turn on the interior LED lighting to display your bottles the BEST part about these Tall Wine Units is that they have the capabilities of storing 59, 120, or 146 bottles of either red, white or combination of both in the same unit, because they come with 2 individually controlled storage zones and dual evaporators to maintain constant moderate humidity.  Okay, okay…i love my wine I will admit! But in all serious, when you open up your wallet and in my case, my purse…for the MSRP $5,595 – $6,965 price tag it’s going to set you back to purchase one of these beauties, you expect it have some bells and whistles,…like it allowing you to link your wine unit directly into your Home Security System.

Sub Zero Tall Wine Units

Whether you select the 18″, 24″ or 30″ wide model for your space, you won’t go wrong this selecting this unit. They are available left hinged or right hinged and come in either classic stainless steel or panel ready to match your cabinetry finish. So…in my book, this is a Wine Space Saver that doesn’t disappoint at all!


Tempe Home Remodel: Choose a NARI Certified Remodeler

When searching for the right home remodeler in the Tempe area, you may see the designation of being a NARI member and ask yourself, what is NARI and why is it important to hire a NARI professional? The acronym stands for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. It is the only association solely dedicated to the remodeling industry, today they encompass 58 chapters across the country. “NARI is an organization of high-quality remodeling professionals. Its’ members are committed to integrity, high-standards, professional education, ethics, and market recognition”, as stated on their website, www.nari.org. NARI is important to homeowners because it can connect them with a dedicated, local expert to ensure that they have a “positive remodeling experience”. Every member of NARI has agreed to conduct their business in accordance with the Standards of Practice for the Remodeling Industry. NARI Certified Remodelers will write contracts and warranties that comply with local, state and federal laws. They always take appropriate action to ensure the health and safety of clients, employees, and trade contractors. Also, every member has been actively involved with the remodeling industry for at least 2-5 years prior to earning a certificate. NARI has taken all the guesswork out of hiring a reliable, professional contractor who is knowledgeable, ethical and respectful. As stated on the NARI website, NARI certified contractors are pledged to observe high standards of honesty, integrity, and responsibility in the way they conduct their business. They are trusted, qualified business owners who will get your project done right by obtaining the proper permits, carrying the required insurances, following local codes and designing innovative solutions to renovate your home. By choosing a NARI certified professional, you are working with an expert in their field, a tried and true specialist who will turn your remodel into your dream home.

Tempe Home remodel


Tempe Home Remodel


Bathroom Design in Scottsdale

Part I of III

From the moment I walked through the front door of my Canadian clients home, I knew from an instant what style I would be designing their new master bathroom. Their single story Spanish style home located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona was completely designed with Southwest decor from head to toe. Now, I’ve learned early on in my career to never assume anything so when they walked me back into their master suite and showed me their bathroom I smiled and jokingly said, “So you want this bathroom to be designed ultra modern to fit in with the rest of your decor?” and they chuckled and said “No, we’ll continue the Southwest theme in here as well.” I always like to joke just a bit when I initially meet clients just to break the ice. As I stood in the doorway and peered into their master bath, it literally brought me back in time and the memories flooded my brain of the times when I would stand in the doorway of my parents bathroom watching my mother get ready for a big night out. There were wall to wall mirrors, cultured marble counters, integrated sinks that were adorned with chrome faucets that had these huge plastic handles for turning the water on along with a large oval tub and shower combo.  Total 80’s…and after my brain absorbed everything, I turned to my clients and asked okay…what are

Scottsdale Masterbath Design

Scottsdale Master bath Design

your must haves?

My clients had 3 basic requests other than it having a Southwest feel. Here is what they told me, “We want a large walk-in shower without a door, some sort of seating in the shower and definitely a vent fan.” So after taking measurements and snapping some before pics of the bath, I returned to my office to begin the design process. After long hours sitting at my computer and shopping for the Southwest materials for the project, I was able create a beautiful color 3D image of the new layout & a few Presentation Boards of materials that I had selected.

I have included the 3D image and the selected materials that made the final cut, after my design presentation. Check back for my next blog in this 3 part series on how I transformed my clients current master bath design in Scottsdale, Arizona and was able to give them the Southwest retreat they so desired!!

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