June 23, 2016 Cyndi


Cabinet PullsIf you have been contemplating replacing your old warn out cabinets in your home with new updated ones, then don’t forget the most important feature of all: Hardware and no I’m not talking about the hinges and glides (although they are important), I’m talking about the Hardware Pulls that you attach after your cabinets after they are installed.

It’s amazing how something so small and which may be insignificant to some, are a definite must have in my book. Actually, come to think of it, in the last 20 years of designing kitchens and baths I have never “not” applied pulls to the door fronts and drawers of my clients’ new cabinetry, (and hopefully they are thanking me right about about now.)

Now, I suppose your probably thinking why is she saying pulls instead of knobs? Well, it’s because pulls are “Universal” and knobs aren’t. Meaning everyone from a young child, a person with arthritis in their fingers, or just someone with limited use of their hands can use a pull fairly easily, where as a knob can be very limiting. Since Hardware Pulls are “Universal”, therefore for that reason alone, should be installed on all cabinets.

Now that brings me to my second reason…Hardware Pulls can actually be lifesavers to your cabinetry finish. When our fingers constantly touch our cabinets over and over again in the same area when opening or closing a door or drawer front; the oils in our skin will slowly over time breakdown the finish little by little. Now speaking as a woman, I know far too well about preventative maintenance for my skin…and just as I take care of my skin today for the future, well, the same holds true for your cabinetry. My advice to any homeowner and it doesn’t matter if you spend $5,000 or $25,000 on your new cabinets, if your want to maintain the luster of their finish for years to come, then get your drill bit out and apply some Hardware Pulls.

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