If you’re like so many homeowners, where open kitchen counters are prime real estate, then the last thing you want to do is clutter them up with having a bulky microwave gobbling up your precious space.

The last 3 kitchens that I designed earlier this year were all designed with Microwave Drawers. Since all 3 of my clients wanted stylish hoods to be focal points above their cook-tops or ranges, I had to find a new home for the cookie cutter look of a standard microwave hood for their custom kitchens.

This Bosch (pictured in my kitchen design) 27” wide Microwave Drawer is one of my favorite brands for using a microwave in an under counter application. I happened to use in all 3 applications. It is very stylish with its black glass front surrounded by shiny stain steel. They get installed below the counter in a specially made cabinet just for these super popular Microwave Drawers. With a simple push of a button the drawer slides out effortlessly to accept your dish and just push the button again or simply touch and voila it closes. Just set the timer on the conveniently located panel at the top of the unit making it very accessible for everyone to use.

These sleek microwave drawers are low enough for children to operate. They are a lot safer to operate than having them stand a step stool or climbing up on the counters to take something hot out of the microwave after the infamous beep signals that our food is ready. Which some kids do that when we are not around to help, as I have witnessed this first hand.

These microwave drawers are a great appliance for someone using a wheelchair. Maneuvering around in the kitchen can be challenging, and this works great for them because it’s at a convenient height and easy to use. Where a microwave hood above the cooking would never be an option for someone in a wheelchair to reheat or defrost their food, this is a great

So…if it gives you more usable counter space in the kitchen, allows children a safer alternative for heating up their favorite after school snack, and allows those in wheelchairs ease of access…then it’s a win-win in my book.

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