June 15, 2016 Cyndi

Wine Space Savers

For the LOVE of Wine!!  Sub Zero Wine Unit

Like most people, it’s nice to sit down with family and/or friends and uncork a bottle of your favorite wine (every now and then) whether it be a Cabernet, Chardonnay or a bottle of Pinot Noir out of our wine cellar. But in reality not all of us have the space in our homes to dedicate entire room for a true walk-in wine cellar, right?  I know that I don’t, every room in my house seems to already be accounted for whether it be for my home office or guest room, etc… Here is my suggestion to all of you wine connoisseurs, when you decide to remodel your kitchen later this year or the next, for that matter…

I have the perfect solution for you!

Install this great Wine Cellar Refrigerator unit from Sub Zero and Wolf in your new kitchen. I have already designed several kitchens with this tall wine unit and my clients absolutely love them. Now, besides these units having UV Resistant Bronze Tinted Glass (to protect your wine), pullout rollerglide shelves (which minimize vibration), and with a flip of a switch turn on the interior LED lighting to display your bottles the BEST part about these Tall Wine Units is that they have the capabilities of storing 59, 120, or 146 bottles of either red, white or combination of both in the same unit, because they come with 2 individually controlled storage zones and dual evaporators to maintain constant moderate humidity.  Okay, okay…i love my wine I will admit! But in all serious, when you open up your wallet and in my case, my purse…for the MSRP $5,595 – $6,965 price tag it’s going to set you back to purchase one of these beauties, you expect it have some bells and whistles,…like it allowing you to link your wine unit directly into your Home Security System.

Sub Zero Tall Wine Units

Whether you select the 18″, 24″ or 30″ wide model for your space, you won’t go wrong this selecting this unit. They are available left hinged or right hinged and come in either classic stainless steel or panel ready to match your cabinetry finish. So…in my book, this is a Wine Space Saver that doesn’t disappoint at all!


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