15 great ideas for bathroom remodel


As homeowners, we all strive for the same thing – home customization. We want our home to be different from others in the neighborhood, so we often go for different siding options, different doors and windows, and different landscaping options. The interior of our home needs the same attention as the exterior, and those personal decisions begin with each individual homeowner. Here are 15 great ideas to help customize your master bath and turn it into a true work of art.

  1. Shower – Showers have really taken a turn toward luxury in recent years. Give your shower serious consideration before the build begins. Consider options like curbless, multiple shower heads, multiple heating options, multiple massaging jets, lighting, and steam in order to customize your master bath.
  2. Tub – A standalone tub is a lovely, classic addition to the average bathroom. Most homeowners are steering away from the all-in-one shower-tub unit and opting for a luxury shower and separate soaking tub.
  3. Enclosure – Do you want the shower to be fully enclosed with a shower door or curtain? Do you want a separate enclosure or room for the toilet to maximize privacy? These are serious considerations.
  4. Partial Walls – Partial walls offer the ability to conform any bathroom into separate spaces while leaving a very open feeling.
  5. Furnishings – The furnishings you choose will determine the overall visual appeal and efficiency of the bathroom. Choose wisely.
  6. Storage – Storage is extremely important in the bathroom. Choose storage options that work for your specific needs.
  7. Lighting – Lighting is also extremely important, especially when most of us prepare for work in our bathroom. We need the right ambient lighting, task lighting, and mood lighting depending on the particular time of day and use for the bathroom.
  8. Windows – Add transom windows or decorative windows to help bring in natural light. Smoky glass or glass blocks help protect your privacy while adding natural light to the room.
  9. Faucets – Choose faucets that reflect your personal sense of style.
  10. Functionality – The bathroom, like the kitchen, is one of the most used rooms in the home, so it has to be functional. Always choose functionality over style, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a stylish bathroom.
  11. Flooring – The flooring has to flow with the overall design and decor of the room. Choose heated flooring for an extra-nice touch to customize your master bath.
  12. Walls – Paint the walls and ceiling to complement other decor and furniture options. Choose a paint finish that will be able to withstand the rigors of bathroom heat, steam, and cleaning.
  13. Tile – Tile is a beautiful way to fully customize your bathroom. You can purchase custom tile from local crafters or people who sell their wares online. A slightly cheaper alternative is to choose tile options that work well together, but aren’t necessarily sold as a set.
  14. Decor – The decor you use in your bathroom should reflect your personal sense of style and your lifestyle. Choose your decor carefully, and consider changing it from season to season for a dramatic effect.
  15. Ease of Cleaning – This is something that many of us don’t take into consideration when designing our custom bathroom. It’s no big deal if you enjoy cleaning the bathroom – but seriously, who enjoys cleaning that much? Okay, yes, there are a few! But for the rest of us, we’d rather build out a bathroom that’s easy to clean.

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10 Fantastic Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


Many homeowners focus on the appearance of their kitchen when they make the occasional small upgrade. We’re all guilty of getting something cool because… well, because it’s cool. But when our kitchen gets to the point that it feels cluttered and loses the much-needed functionality, it’s time to take a step back and recreate our vision of the perfect kitchen. Here are 10 great ideas to add more functionality to your kitchen.

  1. Lighting – The kitchen is where we prepare food, so it must be well lit in just the right areas. Ambient lighting is important, but task lighting and spotlighting are even more so.
  2. Keep it Clean – A clean kitchen is an inviting kitchen. Keep it clean and tidy so you feel more comfortable preparing food and inviting company into the room.
  3. Keep it Organized – Keeping it organized is one of the more difficult kitchen tasks. We all enjoy a well-organized kitchen, but we’re also all guilty of putting the scissors in the wrong drawer or putting the dishes away incorrectly. Occasionally take a few minutes to make organize the kitchen so it doesn’t get frustrating over time.
  4. Add Storage – Lack of proper storage areas is one of the biggest reasons the kitchen may become unorganized. Build new storage areas or create new ways to organize your kitchen items.
  5. Wide Walkways – The kitchen island is often an amazing addition to the home because it adds functionality. Unfortunately it can also create a road block in the flow from room to room. Make sure your kitchen island or bar doesn’t impede the flow of traffic from area to area.
  6. Efficient Range Hood – Clean air is extremely important in the kitchen. A lot of oils and gases fill the air in the kitchen when we cook. All of those odors and oils can easily be removed from the room by a range hood with a fan.
  7. New Appliances – Today’s appliances are highly Energy Star rated and add more functionality than simply keeping our food cold, making ice, or cooking our meals. Take a long look at some of the added functionality of newer appliances before you purchase them.
  8. Lots of Electrical Outlets – Power outlets are a must-have in the kitchen. Consider doubling up and adding outlets that also have USB plugs for your electronic devices.
  9. Charging Station – The bar or the island are great spots to consider adding a charging station. Everyone in today’s world has electronic devices of some type. We often request that those devices be put away during meal times, so a charging station is the perfect solution. Your family’s electronics can be safely tucked away and on charge while dinner is on the table.
  10. Counter-Height Bar – A counter-height bar allows you to install additional base cabinetry and increase the amount of countertop space you have while maintaining the ability to sit at the bar to eat or socialize.

Homework Remodels is home to some of the best remodelers in the greater Phoenix area. We truly enjoy helping homeowners transform their homes into something spectacular. Here are several examples of our work if you would like to view our handiwork before you give us a call at 602-478-5102 to get started on your kitchen remodeling project.

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