Hide Those Small Appliances with these 4 Genius Options

Do you have a bunch of small appliances sitting out on your countertops? Are you like many other homeowners and hate the clutter of seeing everything sitting out every single minute of every single day? It’s so nice to walk into a perfectly clean and well-organized kitchen, but then you need your blender, mixer, food processor, toaster, or some other small appliance. Thankfully, we have a better way to store your small appliances that doesn’t involve throwing them out and living without them. And, most of it doesn’t involve a lot of work either.

Here are 4 genius options for hiding those small appliances:

Appliance Cabinets

If you have never had an appliance cabinet inside your kitchen, you do not know what you are missing. These cabinets can hold all your small appliances and keep your countertops looking clean and clutter free. We recommend installing a few different appliance cabinets throughout your kitchen, so that one doesn’t get too cluttered or full. This will also allow you to give each one a purpose and dedicate certain appliances to them all. Another idea is to keep everything that you need for a wonderful cup of coffee or tea right in the appliance cabinet next to your coffee pot.

Appliance Cubbies

Appliance cubbies are quite similar to appliance cabinets, except they do not have doors. This idea works well in an open concept kitchen, where you can see where everything is. The good news is that all your small appliances will be off your countertops. However, you will still be able to see them with this concept.

Appliance Cubbies and Cabinets

It is always possible to do a combination of both cubbies and cabinets in your kitchen. The cubbies may work well for items that you use quite often, like your coffee pot or toaster. Other items like your KitchenAid mixer might be better off in a cabinet.

Appliance Pantry

An appliance pantry is a great way to store all your small appliances in one place, however, there is a downside. The problem with the appliance pantry is that you will need to continuously go and get the small appliance that you need and then put it away when you are finished with it. This might not be a problem for some items, but we are not sure about needing to bring our coffee pot out every single morning when we want a cup of coffee. We don’t think it would live in our appliance pantry for too long.

Kitchen Remodeling and Small Appliance Storage Options

Everyone has their own idea of where their small appliances should live, but we think that we all can agree that the countertop is not always the best place. Hopefully these four ideas will help you get your small appliances off your countertops and into a new home that is out of sight until you need to use them. Call us at 602-478-5102 if you’re currently looking for the best way to store your appliances out of sight and out of mind – until tomorrow.

Choose the Perfect Flooring for Your Kitchen Remodel

There is so much to do when it comes to a kitchen remodel. You need to decide on cabinets, countertops, paint colors, hardware, a sink, a new faucet, and just when you think you’ve checked off every box, you remember the floor. It used to be so much easier to choose a floor for kitchens, because people would throw down linoleum and call it a day. But now, there are so many more materials that are durable and easy to maintain, so you will really need to consider all your options carefully.

Here are 5 flooring options that you can choose from for your kitchen remodel:

  1. Natural Stone: There are so many choices when it comes to natural stone flooring including granite, limestone, slate, and travertine. This material is durable and easy to maintain, but it may chip or scratch easier than other flooring options. Natural stone also costs more for both the material and installation.
  2. Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tiles are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and textures, so they are perfect if you really want to give your new kitchen some personality. These tiles are easy to keep clean, but they can get slippery when they are wet. Plus, the grout in between the tiles needs to be maintained, so that it does not get stained over time.
  3. Laminate: Laminate flooring is an inexpensive way to get the look of hardwood or tile without the higher price tag. Laminate is an engineered material that is made from compressed layers that end up being durable and easy to maintain.
  4. Solid Hardwood: Solid hardwood floors will look beautiful in any room of your home, including your remodeled kitchen. These floors do cost more than laminate floors, but they will last a lifetime if you maintain them properly.
  5. Sustainable Options: Cork and bamboo flooring options are both sustainable, which is why they are becoming more popular amongst homeowners like yourself. Cork is warm and absorbs sound, plus it resists mold, rot, mildew, and pests. It does require regular maintenance and sealing to keep it looking its best for the future. Bamboo is lower in maintenance, and its natural grass appearance looks quite similar to wood. The downside to bamboo is that if you live in a higher-humidity climate, it can warp over time.

Kitchen Design and Remodeling in the Greater Phoenix Area

We know that you will love any of these flooring options and that one of them will look fabulous in your new kitchen. You will just need to decide which one will meet your needs, for both now and the future, so that you can enjoy your new floor for many years. Call us at 602-478-5102 to schedule an appointment for a kitchen design consultation if you would like to start planning your 2018 kitchen remodeling project. We’ll help you choose the best designs and materials to improve the functionality and style of your kitchen this year.

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