November 27, 2017 Steve Shinn, CR

4 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas that Will Bring Your Kitchen Current


The kitchen is the room that is used the most in any home, and that is never further from the truth when you invite friends and family over. During these get-togethers, you will find that each and every one of your guests are in the kitchen, as they are eating, drinking, talking, and laughing with everyone else.

We know that you want this space to look as amazing as possible so that you are not embarrassed when people want to spend time in there. Changing up your kitchen cabinets is a wonderful place to start when you are creating an up to date space in your kitchen.

Here are 4 modern kitchen cabinet ideas that will bring your kitchen current:

Add Veneer that Looks Like Wood

Veneer has come a long way over the years, and the newer slabs can last a lifetime if they are done properly. The veneer is a slab of material that looks like wood and it is placed on the sides and fronts of cabinets. The look of the grain on this material makes it seem like it was cut directly from a beautiful local tree.

Add Stainless Steel

You may have already incorporated stainless steel in your kitchen with your appliances, but we also recommend placing it on your cabinets. This material is easy to clean and is quite durable, but it can get scratched without warning. An abundance of fingerprints can also be seen on this type of cabinet material.

Add Floating Shelves

Floating shelves look much more modern than closed cabinets, which is why we usually recommend installing these at least where the upper cabinets are located. A shiny backsplash can be installed behind these floating shelves to add style and a focal point, while also preventing a person from focusing on the items on the shelf.

Add the Color of Your Choice

You can choose to keep your kitchen cabinets a wood color and add some stain, or you can paint them white or any other color. The options are endless and the decision that you make will determine how modern your kitchen is.

Kitchen Remodeling and Design in Phoenix

You never need to completely change out your cabinets when you are updating your kitchen, because there are numerous other options available. While veneer, paint, stain, and stainless steel are a few of the options that were mentioned above, there are even more that you can choose from. You will be surprised at how nice your kitchen looks after you make some of these small changes.

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