Bathroom Remodeling Tips for 2019

February 20, 2019 Steve Shinn, CR

Bathroom Remodeling Tips for 2019

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With a new year comes the opportunity to finally get around to some of the remodeling jobs you have been putting off. The bathroom is one space you should not ignore if it needs an update. A new look not only adds beauty to the home, but it also increases is value. Here are some useful tips to give your bathroom a 2019 update.

  1. Be realistic about cost. Even a small remodeling project can be costly, so you need to know all the changes you want to make to create a budget. After that, you have to start thinking about financing if you can’t do it out of pocket. A home equity loan is usually the most convenient and quickest option.
  2. What do you want? Bathroom remodels do not only come up when this space is in disrepair. Sometimes the goal is to update it and keep up with modern trends. Taking the whole bathroom into account will create a fuller picture of your remodeling plan. Any spots with rot or mold growth should take priority over aesthetic changes, especially if the budget is limited.
  3. Plan for the inconvenience. It is likely that the bathroom will be out of commission while the work is ongoing. This can be tough for the household if there is only one other bathroom. So some organization will be necessary to keep the family’s routine on track.
  4. Think about the layout. Changing the bathroom layout is sometimes necessary, but this can be expensive. It usually involves moving the plumbing and electrical wiring. Do this sparingly if at all, if you want to keep your costs down.
  5. Should you refinish or replace? Your first instinct may be to replace tub or shower, but this is not the only option. Minor damage can be easily repaired and this will keep costs down. Discoloration of an old tub can detract from the look of the bathroom, but consider refinishing instead of replacing it. Another option is to buy a liner specifically made to fit the bathtub or shower, making it seem like you spent big on the remodel.

Before you remodel the bathroom, make sure that there are no areas of dampness which will cause rot and the growth of harmful bacteria. You can find many great ideas online to inspire the look of your bathroom for 2019.

"A new look not only adds beauty to the home, but it also increases is value. "

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