4 Steps to a Perfect Outdoor Space

Paradise Valley AZ upscale home remodel including numerous luxury high-end featuresAs we start to hit those 100 + degree days, it would be great not to have to heat up the house cooking dinner. Sure, outdoor cooking has its’ advantages, but do you ever feel as though you too are cooking, along with the food!!  There is no pleasure in standing in front of a hot grill when its 115 degrees outside and you have no shade, no fan and no misting system.  What a pleasure it would be to have any or all of those devices to keep you and your family more comfortable in your backyard. Why not make this space enjoyable year round? We have spectacular sunsets here in Phoenix. Gathering friends and family to bask in Mother Nature’s beauty make them even more special. Here are 4 steps to a perfect outdoor space…

Step 1. Use a professional.

It is advantageous to work in conjunction with a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of a home remodel. Important components like budgeting, specifying, space planning and design. We will make the most of your area, working along side you to create a functional, unique space, just for your family. When we are finished, you will have added value and usable square footage to your home.

Step 2. Choose carefully.

Always use appropriate materials and finishes in an exterior setting. Our climate in Phoenix is harsh on fabrics, finishes, equipment and people! Be careful when purchasing products for your backyard space. Use exterior rated fabrics on your seat cushions and curtains. Also, when choosing outdoor furniture, consider the weight of the object. It does get windy here and you don’t want your  furniture to end up in your neighbors pool! Ceiling fans should always be rated for exterior use. No, there are not as many choices, but they are safe. Don’t use real wood for cabinets or countertops, it is just too hard to maintain here. If you love the look, there are many wonderful options that look like real wood, without the added maintenance.

Step 3. Adjusting the Temperature.

Yes, it is possible. With a little planning, we can make your backyard temperature much more comfortable. Shade, whether it comes in the form of a covered roof, shade sail or exterior curtain, will make the air around you feel 10-15 degrees cooler. A breeze from a fan, and these can be ceiling or standing portable fans, will also make the air feel cooler.  Misters, on the other hand, do actually change the air temperature through evaporative cooling. You can expect a 15 degree difference, on average. Conversely, in the winter, you may add a heat source to your yard to make it a little more comfortable on chilly evenings. Fire pits and portable heaters will provide that extra bit of warmth for a truly year round perfect outdoor space.

Step 4. Add Entertainment, Invite Friends.

Decide what you want to do in your new space. How about an outdoor television viewing area where you can invite the neighbors over to watch the game and BBQ? Want to keep the teens occupied? Set up a Jenga game or Pictionary, that will keep them happy, for a few minutes anyway! Add music, maybe a bar area. If you really have the space and the budget, a hot tub or a pool would absolutely complete the picture. Just make sure you have plenty of seating, because your house is about to become THE place to be.


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