“If the Better Business Bureau (BBB) doesn’t have any complaints against the contractor, they are probably a safe bet.”

This is a common and often costly misconception. In fact, just because a contractor doesn’t have any BBB complaints, does not mean that you’re working with a reputable professional. You need to investigate the company further. Many contractors, even though they don’t have any BBB complaints, do not do a satisfactory job… much less a great job. To be sure you’re dealing with a reputable professional, only use the BBB as a starting place, not the ‘cure-all’ or stopping point.

Also, keep in mind that the BBB is not a governing agency and it does not keep a record of every contractor in town. Many contractors can operate for years doing poor work without ever being reported. Likewise, there may be several very reputable contractors that the BBB has no record of at all.

The best way to utilize the BBB is to check with them to see if the contractor you may be considering has had any complaints against them. If they do, you should consider it an indication that this contractor may not be a good choice. If they don’t, this may indicate a good reputation, but you should still continue to do the necessary research beyond the BBB.

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