“If a contractor has years of experience,
they must be good!”

Statistics show that 96% of contractors go out of business before their fifth year.

Given these statistics, if you have a contractor that has made it through his fifth year, you’re off to a good start. He must be doing something right to survive that long.

But don’t just assume everything is going to be okay just because the contractor claims to have “years of experience!” In many cases it may be more accurate to say they have one year of experience just repeated numerous times!

Just because a contractor has “been around” for a number of years does not necessarily mean they are experts or consistently do a great job – check them out! Many contractors can claim to have years of experience yet a good number of their jobs may have been completed unsatisfactorily (if completed at all) or they may not have much experience doing projects similar to yours.

Reputation is the key and the person who handles your remodeling project should not only have experience but also have projects to their name that demonstrate quality craftsmanship. Investigate your contractor’s credentials thoroughly and make sure you are dealing with a qualified professional.

A quality contractor will provide a large list of previous clients to call with similar projects. Don’t think years in business equal quality; call a good sampling of their references, these homeowners will tell you what you need to know.

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