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Fireplaces & Alternative Fuel Sources

Phoenix Home & Garden featured Historic home remodel in the Willo neighborhood.

Chandler Arizona Kitchen Remodel with dark brown wood cabinets and quartz counter tops

                                     Fireplaces & Alternatives Fuel Sources

Do you own a wood burning fireplace? No Burn Days can be an inconvenience. We have a solution for you. Take back your right to use your fireplace any time you want by converting it away from burning wood. Homework Remodels can work with you to modify your existing fireplace. Alternative fuel sources each provide different advantages, like fuel efficiency, a cleaner burn or being portable. Your lifestyle and the availability of the fuel sources will make choosing easier.

                                            Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

  • More energy efficient than burning wood
  • Can be used on “No-Burn” days
  • Produces real flames like wood, no other energy source can
  • Cleaner burn = Less by-products
  • No electricity – No problem
  • Reliable, easy to control
  • Increases home value

                               Disadvantage: Gas must be vented


          Direct Vent versus B-Vent

  • Direct Vent has better heat efficiency and volume
  • B-Vent produces a larger, realistic flame and is more cost effective
  • Direct Vent can be vented either vertically or horizontally
  • B-Vent has no fixed glass panels, easier to maintain
  • Direct Vent units are closed and they have 2 pipes, 1 brings in air, the other emits fumes
  • B-Vent units are smaller, uses air in the home for combustion, vents vertically
  • Direct Vent can be difficult to control heat output in smaller rooms
  • B-Vent can be installed anywhere there is room for the vent
  • Direct Vent firewood placement is critical for proper combustion

Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

  • 100% heat output, no heat lost up the chimney
  • Can be used on “No-Burn” days
  • No soot= easy to maintain and clean
  • No chopping, hauling or stacking of wood, simply flip the switch
  • Portable and easy to install
  • No fire danger, no venting or gas lines needed
  • Precise temperature control
  • Can be used for ambience only, without any heat output

Benefits of an Alcohol/Gel Fireplace

  • Vent free and portable
  • Can be used on “No-Burn” days
  • Smoke free and environmentally friendly
  • Sounds like a real wood burning fireplace
  • Does not pop embers, like wood, or emit harmful fumes
  • Lasts longer and provides more warmth than wood


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