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The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is a leader in education of all aspects of remodeling for the remodeling industry and the public. As such they conduct a comprehensive training program and testing system for remodeling contractors. NARI has always had the highest standards for business ethics and craftsmanship. It is only natural that they would also set equally high standards in the realm of green remodeling and contracting with their Green Certified Professional designation.

Why Use a Green Certified Remodeler?

Each Certified Green Remodeler demonstrated their commitment to green professionalism by investing a major amount of time and professional experience into education in order to be able to bring the most eco-friendly yet practical products and remodeling techniques to each remodeling project.

There are hundreds of choices involved in every kitchen, bathroom or home remodeling project. Each of these choices will ultimately affect how well your home works as a sustainable system. These choices can overwhelm you and your budget without professional guidance.

How Do the Choices Come Together?

As the only Design/Build Certified Green Remodeler in Phoenix, we start each project with a design phase. During this time we do a detailed feasibility study of your kitchen, bathroom or home remodel in order to make the appropriate choices for both sustainability and your budget. Many green remodeling projects never get off the drawing board because of lack of a unified plan for technique, materials and appliance choices. The lack of an overall design plan and feasibility study will result in poor performance and excessive cost due to inappropriate choices.

We welcome your questions about how these NARI certifications will improve your remodeling experience. Click on the certifications above for more info, or contact us at 602-478-5102 or email


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