Kitchen Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions

We know that a remodeling project requires you to make dozens of small and big decisions. To make the process as pain-free as possible, we’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions you may have below.

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We will need to work together to develop your wants and needs for your new kitchen. We will start with our design phase. During this process, we will blend your ideas with our kitchen remodeling skills to come up with various options that will ultimately lead to the perfect plan for your new kitchen.
It will depend on the complexity of the remodel. Reconfiguring the floor plan or deciding on structural changes will take longer. Usually, it will take three to six weeks.
Every kitchen can have different requirements in order to create an open concept kitchen floor plan, which is one of the most popular models that we do for homeowners. By opening the kitchen to the living areas of the home, both areas benefit from the creation of a more family-friendly floor plan. A more open concept kitchen will also work much better for family holiday gatherings and entertaining friends. Reconfiguring your kitchen may be simple or complex. Either way, we can do the work it takes to both design the changes and complete the change from cut off to an open concept kitchen floor plan.
It is possible to add propane gas to any home for cooking or a fireplace feature. Gas appliances will need to be specially jetted for propane gas. We will need to have a suitable outdoor area to locate the large storage tank and run the new gas pipe to the needed indoor areas.
Many homeowners who like gas cooking have found that they like induction cooking equally well. It offers precise control of both temperature and timing. It offers simple cleaning as well as safety features. The top is smooth and doesn’t get hot when in use. It works well with all cookware except for glass or aluminum pots and pans.
Many times kitchen cabinets can be reused during a kitchen remodel. Your cabinets may be in great shape. Installing new countertops on them will bring new life to your kitchen remodel without busting your budget.
Replacing countertops is a great way to improve any kitchen. Hard surface counters such as granite and quartz are the most widely used surface at this time. Their price varies. Granite will have more veining and movement in its look. Quartz countertops have more of a uniform pattern and color. They will hold up as well or better than granite. We are an Authorized Dealer of ForzaStone.
Many people have installed beautiful wood floors in their kitchens with excellent results. Standing water can be an issue, but normal kitchen activity is no problem. There are also automated water shut off valves that can be installed in your kitchen and laundry room that will shut off the water supply in the case of a leak in an appliance such as a dishwasher.
If your kitchen floor was installed after your existing cabinets, there will be no flooring under the cabinets. If you have more of the flooring, it can always be used with your new kitchen cabinets to repair or reconfigure the cabinet footprint. If you don’t have more of the existing flooring, it will be necessary to duplicate the existing kitchen cabinet layout. This does not mean that the new kitchen cabinets will be identical in looks or function to the existing cabinets. Many changes can be made to make your new kitchen more functional and attractive than before. This option is especially desirable for a kitchen remodel with a limited budget.

For most homeowners doing a kitchen remodel, a 1/2 horsepower garbage disposal will be all they will ever need. You may want to consider an air switch instead of the usual wall switch. They are a convenient and attractive alternative to cluttering up your kitchen wall with another switch. For homeowners with the disposal switch inside the cabinet, replacing it with an air switch will be the perfect solution.

You have three options with refrigerator depth. You can go with the standard depth refrigerator as seen in most kitchens. Your second option is a kitchen cabinet depth refrigerator. They are designed so that only the refrigerator doors protrude past the countertops. This is a popular alternative for many kitchen remodels. These refrigerators have less cubic footage of storage, so consider your needs prior to purchase. The third option is a built-in refrigerator. They don’t stick out beyond the counters and come in wider sizes to offer ample storage space.

Many homeowners have not had pot drawers in their kitchens especially if they have lived in older homes. Pot drawers are an upgrade from shelves that pull out. They blend in nicely with the lower kitchen cabinets and offer the maximum in usable storage. They lend themselves nicely to storing all types of kitchen cooking and storage necessities. They are full extension drawers. You will have complete access to items in the back without launching an excavation to find them.

When considering a new layout for your kitchen, we look at the kitchen work triangle. This area is formed by the space between the kitchen sink, the refrigerator, and the stove. The idea is that these kitchen items need to be convenient to each other and have counter space next to them for necessary food preparation. When they are placed separately forming a triangle, it allows for a good traffic pattern and adequate work areas around each of these vital kitchen components.

In the kitchen, dimmers allow you to adjust the lighting brighter for when you are working and softer for other times to accent the beauty of your kitchen without the hard look of bright lights. You can create numerous great looks by installing dimmers on pendant lights and your under cabinet lighting. Sometimes just a soft glow of light on your kitchen counter-tops is all you need for looks and function.

The building code calls for outlets every four feet along your kitchen countertops and at least one on the side of a kitchen island or peninsula. You will also need outlets for your stove, microwave, garbage disposal, and dishwasher. The appliance outlets will be out of sight. If you want less clutter on your walls above your kitchen counters, power strips can be installed under the wall cabinets. The strips will create convenient locations to plug in your kitchen appliances without the clutter of wall outlets.

There are many types of microwaves available to suit your various cooking needs. Your kitchen style and cooking needs will dictate which one is best for you. One of the most popular models is the microwave designed to install above your kitchen range. This microwave will have a built-in hood and stove vent for exhaust while cooking. These microwaves come in numerous finishes to coordinate with your other kitchen appliances. Other options are designed to install into either upper or lower kitchen cabinets. These are a good option if you prefer a higher performing range hood rather than the more utilitarian microwave hood combination.

Convection oven cooking combined with microwave power produces beautifully bakes and roasted foods quickly. The convection fan is mounted on the right side of the oven and is surrounded by a heating element, allowing you to convection bake in your microwave at any temperature between 225 and 450 degrees, The microwaves/convection ovens are designed to be built into your kitchen cabinetry. They are extremely functional and the most expensive of the options, although their price has come down significantly.

The hood will exhaust both cooking odors and moisture from your kitchen. This will keep your cooking area fresh and protect your kitchen walls and cabinets from getting any cooking film build-up on them.

The short answer is no. Depending on your taste, your new kitchen can be designed with contrasting cabinets. Unique looks can be achieved by contrasting the kitchen island cabinets from the wall mounted upper and lower cabinets. On occasion, contrasting upper cabinets from the lower cabinets will create a custom look. Contrasting countertops is another design tool used to customize kitchens and create unique looks. We are an Authorized Dealer of Mid Continent Cabinetry and Waypoint Living Spaces.

Opening up your kitchen is one of the most popular remodeling projects with today’s homeowner. The older your home is, the more likely that your kitchen is cut off from the living and entertaining areas of your home. By removing all or part of the wall separating your kitchen from the living areas, you can totally transform both areas. Today’s lifestyle is less formal than in years past. Formal dining rooms and isolated kitchens do not fit with how family and friends want to intermingle and socialize. Opening up your kitchen will transform your family and friends get-togethers.

No two kitchen remodels are the same. This makes answering any question about cost very difficult. Our focus has always been on service to our clients no matter their budget. We have had clients looking for kitchens that we later featured on HGTV due to their unique nature and we have served clients that were looking for the most cost-effective way to make their broken down kitchen functional. It is easy to design and remodel kitchens for $60,000 and up. We have worked hard with some homeowners to create smaller kitchen remodels for as little as $25,000. Some of these kitchens required staging improvements over time, considering more cost-effective kitchen features, reusing existing appliances and/or some personal involvement in the kitchen remodel from the homeowner. The tighter your budget is, the more creativity and flexibility the kitchen project will require.


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