Beautiful and Accessible Bathroom Remodeling

Accessibility Can Be Beautiful


This accessible bathroom remodeling project was designed to be beautiful, as well as to eliminate multiple obstacles to its ease of use. Our education and certification by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) in the field of universal design was especially helpful in designing and integrating this bathroom’s accessibility features into this beautiful remodel.

Our greatest challenges came from the configuration of the shower and two undersized doorways that hindered easy access to the bathroom and the water closet.

Neither doorway offered much extra wall space to enlarge it, so we used every inch we could squeeze out to enlarge both doorways by an extra four inches. The entry door to the bathroom required us to build in a pocket door so that we could gain the maximum available clearance.

The owners wanted to keep a soaker tub, but their main objective was for us to redesign the shower to be as large as possible with as many accessibility options as possible. Our design answers included reconfiguring the tub into a smaller footprint and eliminating a nine-inch-thick plumbing wall to open up the floor plan, creating room for their new spacious shower. Ultimately, we were able to enlarge the shower from under three foot square to a more luxurious four foot square.

Another upgrade to the shower was a barrier-free entry created by recessing the sloped shower floor so that it blended with the outside tile flooring. A folding teak seat was installed for seated use of the shower, but still allowed maximum floorspace by folding it up. We included a hand shower that could be used in a seated position and mounted it to a grab bar to aid transitioning to and from the seat.

Other features of the master bath remodel included new porcelain floor tile and beautiful stone accent wall tile.

A master bath remodel such as this one would have a budget range of $40,000 to $60,000 depending on project features and requirements.