Fireplace Remodel with Stacked Stone

Complete With Custom Cabinetry

Fireplace Remodel with Stacked Stone

This is a great example of a Fireplace Remodel with Stacked Stone. If you need ideas for your upcoming stacked stone fireplace project, you will find them here. The original fireplace got lost in this spacious room with its open floor plan. The owners wanted to create a unique focal point combining the fireplace and a built-in entertainment system hidden within the custom cabinetry.

Fireplace Remodel with Stacked Stone - Before

The original fireplace looked lost and out of place because of the scale of the room. The TV and components were unsightly and looked like an afterthought.

 Fireplace Remodel with Stacked Stone

By designing everything to work together, the stacked stone fireplace renovation took on a larger scale and looked more appropriate for the space.

A special receiver was installed with the TV to receive signals from various remotes to activate hidden units.


 Fireplace Remodel with Stacked Stone - During

Our new stacked stone fireplace included a built-in nook for the flat screen TV.

The television was mounted on a wall bracket that had a remote control to adjust the angle of the TV for more comfortable viewing.

Travertine tile in various thickness was used for definition and ease of cleaning on our stacked stone fireplace.

 Fireplace Remodel with Stacked Stone - Custom Cabinets with Shelving and LED Display Lights

We custom built the cabinetry to be a perfect fit for the stacked stone fireplace wall. You will notice sound vents at the bottom of the cabinet for the base sound unit to be concealed within the cabinetry.

Both cabinet units were wired for display lighting set on a dimmer.

Thanks for visiting our Fireplace Remodel with Stacked Stone project . I hope it gave you some great ideas of how you can bring new life to your home through custom fireplace and cabinetry features.


Stacked Stone Fireplace



A Beautiful fireplace and custom cabinetry upgrade on either side like this one, would have a budget range of $20,000 to $25,000.