Award Winning Hacienda Style Kitchen Remodel

This hacienda style kitchen has regained its historic charm with this remodel in the Willo Historic neighborhood.

This kitchen had been remodeled thirty or more years before our remodel. Parts of the earlier remodel were a bad fit for the historic style of the home. Most of the cabinets were structurally sound and worked well for the owner, but they did have one major flaw. Their lacquer paint had gone bad and the finish was covered with hairline cracks.

We were happy to find out that we would be able to refinish the cabinets to cure the issues with the finish. The homeowners were very happy that we were not going to need to tear out the cabinets and start over.

We did design and build several custom cabinets to enhance the kitchens overall Spanish hacienda style. The two that made the biggest impact were the sink cabinet to house the new custom soapstone farm sink and the furniture-style cabinet for the cook-top stove that also incorporated a table for a guest to sit as they help with food prep. We also topped all the cabinets with custom soapstone counter-tops accented with colorful Mexican tile.

One of the most dramatic additions was the replacement of the black and white floor tile with Mexican concrete floor tiles laid in a rug pattern. These tiles have been used in upscale homes in Mexico for generations. They are hand made and have a concrete body with a marble coating embedded on the surface to produce a variety of colors and patterns. The rug pattern was chosen to offer interest to the floor while not overwhelming the space with too much pattern.

Other things done during the remodel included installing wall niches behind both counter areas for interest and adding a faux finish to the walls for added character.

A kitchen remodel of this scope could have a budget of $65,000 to $95,000 depending on the scope of work.