Insurance Restoration Kitchen Remodel

This insurance restoration kitchen remodel occurred because a ruptured water line under the kitchen sink ruined most of the base cabinets. Because of abnormally high water pressure, the regulating valve failed, causing the smaller pipe to come loose and flood the house. When the homeowner called us, the insurance company had already sent an emergency crew to open the walls to let things dry out properly and avoid the possibility of mold growth.

Our job was to put everything back together, including replacing the water-damaged kitchen cabinets. We started out by replacing exterior wall insulation and drywall on the lower walls of the entire first floor and then did repairs to the floor tiles and brick on the lower edge of the fireplace. After these things were done, all new base boards were installed along with trim on all of the doors. Once these repairs were completed, we repainted the interior.

The insurance restoration kitchen remodel was the highlight of this project. We redesigned various aspects of its layout and added numerous upgraded features, including the granite countertops, the sink, the kitchen faucet, and the cabinets themselves. We added pull out spice racks and a trash recycle cabinet. We typically like to include pot drawers for enhanced storage in the lower cabinets, but various things about the kitchen’s layout restricted their use. One of our major obstacles was that we didn’t replace the floor tile, so we needed to follow the same layout as the original cabinetry.

The new backsplash was one of the final touches that made the house feel more like a home as we completed its insurance renovation kitchen remodel.

A kitchen remodel similar to this one could have a budget of $45,000 to $60,000 depending on its options and scope of work.