Mother-In-Law Room Addition

With 3D Computer Renderings & Illustrations for Design Visualization

This project is the perfect way to illustrate how we use 3D computer illustrations to help our homeowners visualize how their new mother-in-law room addition will look. The rotating photos above are a mix of 3D computer renderings and after photos.

Our goal was to design a mother-in-law room addition that was no larger than it needed to be, while including all the features the family desired. The home addition needed to have its own living room, bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, and kitchenette.

Accessibility as mom ages was also a primary concern. The new addition needs to look great, be totally functional, and be accessible even if the use of a wheelchair becomes necessary in the future. Our training, and national certification, provided by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) provided us with the needed background to build in all of the essential features that this project required.

Our NARI Universal Design training made us well aware that we needed to make sure that every room has ample space for wheelchair maneuverability, doorways need to have proper clearance, and the bathroom needs to have multiple features for both current and future requirements.

Our ultimate design for the bathroom included the proper turning radius for a wheelchair, an oversized doorway to the shower, room for an assistant in the shower, and a vanity cabinet that had provisions for removing the portion below the sink to allow for wheelchair access if the need arises.

The finished addition was 650 square feet in size.