Outdoor Makeover

This outdoor makeover was a follow-up project to our 2014 Contractor of the Year award winning kitchen remodel. Just like the kitchen, the back yard had become run-down and dated.

Our homeowners wanted to update the pool, as well as create multiple entertainment areas around the back yard area. We started the project by refinishing the pool interior and replacing the kool-deck with new travertine pavers to give a more upscale look to the pool area.

Our design concept of upgrading the pool area went even farther by adding sail shades to soften the Arizona sunshine, create a cooler environment around the pool, and provide a beautiful visual element.

The east end of the yard had an existing sunken conversation pit area that had always fallen short of our homeowners’ hopes for entertaining friends and family. The pit had a small campfire area that created too much smoke for people to enjoy sitting around it. They tried using a Mexican chimenea, but it lacked the atmosphere they were looking for.

Our solution was to create a new gas fire pit. We added slate flagstone on top as well as on the ground around the pit, tiled the outside of it with decorative tile accenting the slate, and then filled the interior of the fire pit with crushed glass.

When we designed the fire pit area, we knew we needed to bring additional life and beauty to the space by adding an all new natural stone waterfall adjacent to the fire pit. The combination of the fire and water features created a great new entertainment area for both family and friends.

The third area to improve was their rear patio. It was spacious, but lacked the necessary features that it takes to entertain outdoors. One end of the patio had an existing screened-in area that was favored by our homeowners during bug season, but the screen walls were deteriorating so it was decided to have them redone. When we took down the screen walls, the owners decided they liked the more expansive feel of the patio with the dividing wall gone, so we researched a way to have a retractable screen wall that offered the best of both worlds by providing a more open feel and the ability to have a separate screened area when they wanted it.

We went on to improve the rest of the covered patio area by designing cabinets that can hold up to being outside, even if they get wet when the owners hose down the floor of the patio. We replaced an existing drinking fountain with a chiller unit designed to be installed inside one of our new cabinets. The drinking fountain faucet coordinated with the new prep sink we installed into the granite counter-top. We also added a tall cabinet for storing various pool items and replaced the old barbecue grill with a new covered model equipped with a variety of features for outdoor cooking.

Other elements of this outdoor makeover included a complete exterior repaint of the home’s exterior and numerous new yard plants with an upgraded watering system.

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