Open Concept Kitchen ~ Removing Load Bearing Walls

2015 NARI Contractor of the Year Award Winner

Residential Kitchen $40,000 – $80,000

Everyone loves open concept kitchens! First of all, our goal for this project was to develop an open concept floor plan from a completely boxed-off kitchen. The challenge would include both creating an open concept kitchen and removing load bearing walls. The homeowner wanted a modern style kitchen where family and friends could gather, and she hoped to achieve that dream by eliminating her low ceilings and opening up the small kitchen to the adjoining family room and dining area.

To handle a project of this size and complexity, we begin with our design phase, working side by side with the homeowner to plan everything out. We knew that in order to create the open concept kitchen floor plan and high ceilings that she wanted, we had to remove load bearing walls that supported most of the roof. That kind of work requires working with our structural engineer to come up with a solid solution to safely remove and reconstruct the load bearing walls without the weakening the homes structure.

Furthermore, once the structural issues were out of the way, we focused every bit of our attention on the details of removing load bearing walls on two sides. Because the new kitchen was open on three sides, we would lose some cabinet space and had to be creative in the design of the new cabinets. So, in order to maximize storage, we created a pantry area and provided storage cabinets under the new bar seating area. In addition, we selected a dark color for the new cabinets so that they coordinated our client’s existing furniture since the kitchen would be visible from the living room. Together, the homeowner and our designer chose a shaker-style door to give the cabinets a modern look.

Finally, Open Concept Kitchens

Then, we topped the base cabinets with striking quartz solid-surface counter tops. Quartz effectively provides a countertop that is both beautiful and durable. A complimentary glass backsplash was also added to accentuate the quartz countertop.

We encountered a slight problem when we started the painting. Since our client decided she wanted to maintain the existing paint colors and our painter worked with her to match her old color samples. Because the resulting colors didn’t match, our painter visited the original manufacturer of the paint to obtain mixing formulas.

The final step of creating open concept kitchens is always the lighting. We provided a combination of decorative, task-oriented, and ambient lighting elements in this award-winning kitchen renovation. In addition, at the peninsula overhang, we installed three pendant lights to create balance in the new open space and replicate the design at the dining table.

Consequently, our client’s personality was evident in every design detail. We were all excited, despite all the challenges we encountered removing the load bearing walls, because everything turned out beautifully. In conclusion, we helped our client to bring her dream of a new kitchen to reality.

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