Travertine Shower Update

This bathroom in the historic Willow neighborhood of downtown Phoenix was victim of a flood caused by a bad roof leak and an extended thunderstorm. The roof leak brought down most of the ceiling and ruined the flooring.  The original shower had all the features of a bat cave, with the arched entry and low ceiling, so it was the perfect time for a major travertine shower update in this guest bathroom.

Our focus was to maximize the shower, both in size and features. We modified the existing vanity and granite counter-top to create more room, and recessed the shower pan to eliminate the raised curb for the new travertine shower update. We removed the dropped soffits and raised the ceiling higher than it had originally been. The open ceiling is now 9′ tall.

Some of the extra features we added were an exhaust fan with a built-in heater, as well as a tubular skylight to bring in natural lighting. We also took the natural travertine stone tile of the shower and extended it to the walls and flooring.

A travertine shower update and bathroom remodel similar to this one would have a budget in the range of $25,000 to $30,000.