Forecast: Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2017


Forecast: Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2017

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, 2017 promises to be a bit more colorful than 2016. Their annual forecast predicts cabinets in white and gray as still being the most popular. Although, many cabinet companies are seeing a spike in the number of requests for alternatives. Off-white, taupe and some very dark painted cabinets being requested by designers, architects and homeowners. The all-white kitchen is slowly being replaced by one that has more color, but keeps the same clean lines in the cabinetry. That modern look lends itself well to the new technologies that are available and sought after. Incorporating new technology is always important to homeowners, as it can make our lives a lot easier and more organized.

Homeowner favorites are the big factor in  Forecast: Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2017. Wood cabinets are still the #1 choice for homeowners, with a framed style door. Many favor simple clean lines, versus a heavily detailed door style. They are much easier to keep clean. Also #1 with homeowners are quartz countertops. Their beauty and durability are strong selling points over other types of materials. Although, cost can be a prohibitive factor as quartz is expensive. But, it could be installed on an island, for example, and then the perimeter of the kitchen could be done in a lesser expensive material.

Forecast: Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2017

Two-toned kitchens are trending. Whether by incorporating the “new” gold finish on plumbing and cabinet hardware mixed with your existing stainless, or the combination of countertop materials from island to perimeter, two-tone is more visually appealing. For a sophisticated look, try mixing a light colored cabinet with a high contrast like midnight blue, sage green or chocolate brown. Then, for an additional pop of color, add your favorite or something like Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery, as an accent. Since it is such a popular color, you will easily find it in towels, dishes, small appliances, etc. It’s an economical way of including this years trending color into your interior design without breaking the budget.

Kitchen designers are also adding interest to kitchens, and making them as unique as their owners, by adding a bit of the family. It could be a framed photo of the kids and grandkids, or a kindergarten project. Anything that adds a bit of whimsy and fun. Many people prefer to add a bit of nature to their kitchens. This could come in the form of potted fresh herbs, a bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit. The kitchen is a great place to get creative with lighting choices. There are millions of options, why not have a little fun.

This year, it seems like our kitchen designs are becoming more in tune with the individual end users. We are getting away from the cold, sterile look of the totally white kitchen that has been popular for many years.


2017 Color of the Year


  2017 Promises to be more Colorful than 2016!


At least, on our walls. Last year almost all of the colors of the year were pretty neutral. But, oh how things have changed! This year, Pantone looks to brighten our day with Greenery. As stated on the their website, Pantone believes their 2017 Color of the Year symbolizes “new beginnings, lushness, renewal and restoration”.  And, of course, they hope you will use Greenery, a “fresh and zesty yellow-green,  to rejuvenate and revitalize your spaces”. Referring to it as “nature’s neutral,” Pantone sees this shade as “life-affirming”. Now,  I’m not sure that I would ever refer to a paint color as “life-affirming”, but I will say this is a bright, cheerful shade of green that reminds me of spring foliage and Kermit the Frog!

Sherwin Williams:

The only real neutral on this years forecast list is Sherwin Williams’ Poised Taupe. It is a classic balance of cool and warm, bold and subtle. As Sherwin Williams likes to describe this shade, “It’s as though gray and brown had a baby.”  Poised Taupe is “weathered, woodsy, cozy and harmonious.” Consequently, it is a classic background that will work in rooms that have either gray or brown in the color palette. The aftereffect of this color depends on whether you choose warm or cool colors to pair with it.  So, for those of you who are not ready for the vividness of Greenery, Poised Taupe may be your answer.

Olympic Paint:

Next, is Olympic Paint. They decided to go with a soothing, soft shade of violet. Cloudberry is “refreshing, calming and serene.” As stated on their website, Olympic Paint intends Cloudberry to be a hue to help you “escape outside distractions and create balance in your surroundings.” I would definitely use Cloudberry to create a tranquil and mesmerizing master bedroom suite.

Benjamin Moore:

Because Benjamin Moore decided to go a little darker and more mysterious than Cloudberry, their Shadow is “allusive and enigmatic, a master of ambiance.” On their website, they refer to Shadow as a “rich, royal amethyst that is provocative, poetic and sophisticated.” This is quite a departure from last year’s color of the year,  Alabaster. Shadow is dark and intense, you may want to experiment with this shade in small doses. Therefore, it would positively make a eye-catching accent wall.

Dunn Edwards:

Honey Glow, which is Dunn Edwards’ color of the year, rivals Pantones’ Greenery in it’s brightness and energy. This “warm, golden yellow hue is cheerful, bold and lively.” Dunn Edwards has actually partnered with a nonprofit organization called HoneyLove to promote urban beekeeping and educate people about making their gardens bee friendly. Consequently, Dunn Edwards has agreed to donate 10% of the proceeds of Honey Glow to HoneyLove! This shade, too, may be one to start with in small doses, unless this happens to be your all-time favorite color.

Glidden Paint:

Byzantine Blue, from Glidden Paint, is meant to be considered “gender-neutral.” And, according to their website, Byzantine Blue, which is really a “playful, yet peaceful purple” is uniquely versatile. Because this really is an adaptable color, I could see it being beautifully used in a variety of spaces.

Pittsburgh Paint:

Finally, we have Pittsburgh Paint’s Violet Verbena. As you can see, many companies went with a blue-violet shade for their 2017 Colors of the Year. Probably not really surprising though, as blue is the most often quoted as being people’s favorite color. Violet Verbena has a grayish purple “chameleon-like hue that adds depth and luxury,” according to their website. In addition, it could be the “perfect backdrop” for a little “subtle and serene pampering.”  Violet Verbana is” bohemian, playful, moody and tranquil” in style.


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