Why Will Getting Three Bids Cost More and Possibly Lead To Disaster?

Have you heard about urban myths, how people accept something as true just because they have heard it many times?

The world of remodeling is full of myths, challenges, and potential disasters. Getting three bids to pick out your remodeler is on the top of the list of problem causing misconceptions.

We may not be the perfect remodeling contractor for everyone. However, I am sure of one thing, making a good decision about working with us, or anyone else by comparing bids will be nearly impossible.

As Design/Build professional remodelers, we will be glad to meet with you at your home to give you a free consultation and price range for your project. You will want to ask us numerous questions, and we will need to ask questions to see if we are a good fit for your project.

Our goal is to help you work out all of the hundreds of details involved with your project. We do this while balancing many possible choices against your ultimate budget for your home improvements. This takes time and a team approach between you and our group of Design/Build professionals.

Developing your project and a budget that works for you is a process not an event.

Gathering bids is an event. There was a time that we gave people free bids when they asked for them. We discovered that we were doing our prospective clients a disservice and contributing to their confusion.

We found that we were one of several companies discussing what the homeowner thought needed to be done. They may have given us a list in writing along with whatever came up in conversation. From there we could only try to guess at the details they might want in their home remodel as we put together our bid for presentation.

Homeowners found that none of the bids reflected the true details they wanted. Plus none of our bids were comparable to the other companies’ bids, due to everyone’s guesstimating what the homeowner wanted done.

It became obvious that the bid process was a waste of time and resources.

In addition, it was contributing to homeowners’ confusion and costly mistakes.

As a result, we rededicated ourselves to the Design/Build process. Furthermore, we will reduce your frustration by beginning each project with a design process. We do charge a reasonable fee for the process of designing your project and coordinating it with a budget that makes sense to you.

I don’t know if we are a good match for you and your remodeling project. We will only know if we meet so that you can have your questions answered. Additionally, we can ask our questions to discover if we can be of service to you. If we do this, and at any time you feel that we are not a good fit for your home improvement project, feel free to tell us no. We know that our approach is not for everyone. We only want to work with homeowners that feel that our approach makes sense to them.

If we seem like a good fit for your project after you have all your questions answered, we can move forward to a successful home improvement project.

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