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Just as many green remodeling trends and techniques have found their way into everyday remodeling, universal design techniques have gone mainstream.

Universal design is about beautiful remodeling that includes accommodations for ease of use and access. Each of our client’s families is a unique mix of individuals. Some short, tall, younger, older, healthy and some with limitations. Sometimes it’s about anticipating and providing for the need to be able to add features as time goes by enabling homeowners to continue to enjoy the use of the home even if their accessibility needs change.

Our goal in universal design is to include the features that will serve
your families needs as well as provide style and beauty.

Universal design would suggest that your new shower would be even better if it didn’t require you to step over a curb threshold to enter it. This would eliminate a tripping hazard and be much more accessible if a family member had a vision issue or sports injury to their leg. Adding backing in the shower walls would allow for the addition of grab bars if and when the need arrives.

Designing kitchen remodels for family members of differing heights and abilities adds to the families enjoyment of the new kitchen.  Sometimes it’s something as simple as using lever door handles instead of knobs, allowing more comfortable use for elderly visitors.

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