Hide Those Small Appliances with these 4 Genius Options

Do you have a bunch of small appliances sitting out on your countertops? Are you like many other homeowners and hate the clutter of seeing everything sitting out every single minute of every single day? It’s so nice to walk into a perfectly clean and well-organized kitchen, but then you need your blender, mixer, food processor, toaster, or some other small appliance. Thankfully, we have a better way to store your small appliances that doesn’t involve throwing them out and living without them. And, most of it doesn’t involve a lot of work either.

Here are 4 genius options for hiding those small appliances:

Appliance Cabinets

If you have never had an appliance cabinet inside your kitchen, you do not know what you are missing. These cabinets can hold all your small appliances and keep your countertops looking clean and clutter free. We recommend installing a few different appliance cabinets throughout your kitchen, so that one doesn’t get too cluttered or full. This will also allow you to give each one a purpose and dedicate certain appliances to them all. Another idea is to keep everything that you need for a wonderful cup of coffee or tea right in the appliance cabinet next to your coffee pot.

Appliance Cubbies

Appliance cubbies are quite similar to appliance cabinets, except they do not have doors. This idea works well in an open concept kitchen, where you can see where everything is. The good news is that all your small appliances will be off your countertops. However, you will still be able to see them with this concept.

Appliance Cubbies and Cabinets

It is always possible to do a combination of both cubbies and cabinets in your kitchen. The cubbies may work well for items that you use quite often, like your coffee pot or toaster. Other items like your KitchenAid mixer might be better off in a cabinet.

Appliance Pantry

An appliance pantry is a great way to store all your small appliances in one place, however, there is a downside. The problem with the appliance pantry is that you will need to continuously go and get the small appliance that you need and then put it away when you are finished with it. This might not be a problem for some items, but we are not sure about needing to bring our coffee pot out every single morning when we want a cup of coffee. We don’t think it would live in our appliance pantry for too long.

Kitchen Remodeling and Small Appliance Storage Options

Everyone has their own idea of where their small appliances should live, but we think that we all can agree that the countertop is not always the best place. Hopefully these four ideas will help you get your small appliances off your countertops and into a new home that is out of sight until you need to use them. Call us at 602-478-5102 if you’re currently looking for the best way to store your appliances out of sight and out of mind – until tomorrow.

Choose the Perfect Flooring for Your Kitchen Remodel

There is so much to do when it comes to a kitchen remodel. You need to decide on cabinets, countertops, paint colors, hardware, a sink, a new faucet, and just when you think you’ve checked off every box, you remember the floor. It used to be so much easier to choose a floor for kitchens, because people would throw down linoleum and call it a day. But now, there are so many more materials that are durable and easy to maintain, so you will really need to consider all your options carefully.

Here are 5 flooring options that you can choose from for your kitchen remodel:

  1. Natural Stone: There are so many choices when it comes to natural stone flooring including granite, limestone, slate, and travertine. This material is durable and easy to maintain, but it may chip or scratch easier than other flooring options. Natural stone also costs more for both the material and installation.
  2. Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tiles are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and textures, so they are perfect if you really want to give your new kitchen some personality. These tiles are easy to keep clean, but they can get slippery when they are wet. Plus, the grout in between the tiles needs to be maintained, so that it does not get stained over time.
  3. Laminate: Laminate flooring is an inexpensive way to get the look of hardwood or tile without the higher price tag. Laminate is an engineered material that is made from compressed layers that end up being durable and easy to maintain.
  4. Solid Hardwood: Solid hardwood floors will look beautiful in any room of your home, including your remodeled kitchen. These floors do cost more than laminate floors, but they will last a lifetime if you maintain them properly.
  5. Sustainable Options: Cork and bamboo flooring options are both sustainable, which is why they are becoming more popular amongst homeowners like yourself. Cork is warm and absorbs sound, plus it resists mold, rot, mildew, and pests. It does require regular maintenance and sealing to keep it looking its best for the future. Bamboo is lower in maintenance, and its natural grass appearance looks quite similar to wood. The downside to bamboo is that if you live in a higher-humidity climate, it can warp over time.

Kitchen Design and Remodeling in the Greater Phoenix Area

We know that you will love any of these flooring options and that one of them will look fabulous in your new kitchen. You will just need to decide which one will meet your needs, for both now and the future, so that you can enjoy your new floor for many years. Call us at 602-478-5102 to schedule an appointment for a kitchen design consultation if you would like to start planning your 2018 kitchen remodeling project. We’ll help you choose the best designs and materials to improve the functionality and style of your kitchen this year.

Follow These 8 Steps for a Successful Kitchen Remodel


If you have finally decided to tackle your kitchen remodel, then we want to congratulate you! You are about to tackle a project that will make your home look fabulous, while adding to its value. Of course, you are also going to find that this project is going to be full of challenges. However, you can manage to get through it all if you follow certain steps.

Here are 8 steps you must follow for a successful kitchen remodel:

Consider What You Need in Your Kitchen

Before you even begin making plans for your remodel, you must consider what you need in your kitchen. Are you planning on cooking every night of the week or are you still going to do take out most nights? Are you going to be entertaining a lot more, or is it just going to be you and your significant other? Once you have all your priorities in order, you can continue to the next steps.

Determine Your Budget

Once you know what you want in your new kitchen, you will need to determine your budget. That way, you will know what type of remodel you can do. The important thing is to stay within your budget no matter what.

Create a Preliminary Design with Preliminary Materials

By creating a preliminary design with preliminary materials, you are giving potential contractors an idea of what you are looking for. This will make it easier when you begin looking for estimates. Changes can always be made to these designs, and most of the time, that is what happens.

Begin to Get Estimates from Contractors

Now is the time to get estimates from contractors and then set up interviews. We never recommend going with the lowest or the highest quote all the time, nor is the one in the middle always the best choice. Instead, you will want to look at the numbers and the answers to the questions that you ask the contractors. Your decision may even come down to how comfortable you feel with the contractor that you choose.

Finalize Design Plans and Choose Materials

Once you have your contractor, you can finalize all your design plans and choose all the materials for your new kitchen. You will want to make sure that you complete this now, so that you do not end up waiting for things that are on back order halfway through the project.

Get Permits

Your contractor should be able to get all the necessary permits to begin the work on your kitchen. There can be a wait time for some of these, so make sure you get going on the process soon enough to avoid a delay on the start time.

Prepare for Demo

Demolition is never fun, especially when it comes to a kitchen. After all, you will be without a kitchen for a few weeks. We recommend that you set up a mini kitchen somewhere else in your home, so that you can still prepare some simple meals at home. This will help you save some money since you will not need to eat out all the time. Also, do not start the demolition process until you are sure everything is in stock for your project, or you may find yourself hanging around waiting halfway through.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

There is always going to be something that is wrong at the end, but it will never be anything big. Instead, it will be a small scratch in the paint, a ding in the molding, or a dent in an appliance. They are easy fixes, but it will take a couple of phone calls and a few days to get everything straightened out. Be patient through it all, after all, you’ve made it this far!

Kitchen Remodeling in the Greater Phoenix Area

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to survive your kitchen remodel. It won’t be a walk in the park, but it will be manageable. Besides, once it is over, you will have a kitchen you love. Call us at 602-478-5102 to discuss remodeling your kitchen with us. Our award-winning designers and builders are happy to show you how we can improve the functionality and style of your kitchen.

Focus on the 3 Kitchen Zones When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Most people do not think about the kitchen in terms of zones. Instead, you probably think about it as one large room that you are in very frequently throughout the day. So, to squash your one room concept, we are going to tell you that your kitchen has three zones and you will want to focus on them as you are remodeling your kitchen. In fact, these zones are so important that we builders often refer to this as the golden triangle of kitchen design. These zones work together to create a highly functional kitchen space.

The Refrigerator Zone

This area is where you will place all the items that you bring into your kitchen, plus it is where you will begin to prepare all your food. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you have a countertop near this space, as well as storage for utensils, mixing bowls, and other food prep items. You may even want to place your pantry, small appliances, and cookbooks nearby, so that it is all within reach when you need them.

The Sink Zone

This zone should be somewhere between the refrigerator and the cooking area, and it should be centrally located. This area is always used for cleaning and cutting produce, and washing up after meals, so you will want to have recycling and trash containers placed nearby. Since this is where your dishwasher is also going to be located, you will want to install your cabinets and drawers here for your dishes, glassware, and silverware.

The Cooking Zone

The cooking zone is where your stove and oven will be located in your kitchen. You will want countertops for placing items before and after they come out of the oven. We recommend installing cabinets here to hold items like platters, serving bowls, pots, pans, and other equipment that you will need while cooking. This is also a great area for your cooking utensils and spices.

Kitchen Design and Remodeling in the Greater Phoenix Area

Once you begin to think of your kitchen with three zones, it will be easier for you to design your new kitchen. It is only then that you will be able to create a kitchen that will flow seamlessly as you are cooking and entertaining. Call us at 602-478-5102 if you would like to discuss remodeling your kitchen with our award winning designers and builders.

Upgrade Your Old Kitchen Cabinets with These 7 Amazing Ideas

If you are tired of your old kitchen cabinets, you do not need to worry about rushing out to purchase new ones. While new kitchen cabinets are nice, there are many things that you can do with your existing cabinets to make them look fresh and brand-new.

Here are 7 amazing ideas that will upgrade your old kitchen cabinets:

  1. Paint or Stain: Your tired kitchen cabinets can get a new life with a fresh coat of paint or a little sanding and some new stain. You can choose to use the same color on all of them or mix it up a little with a different color on the upper cabinets and the lower ones.
  2. Add Task Lighting: Adding task lighting to your kitchen cabinets will make the entire room glow, whether you are in there or not. The task lighting will allow you to prep meals easily during meal time, while adding a soft glowing light in the middle of the night when it is snack time.
  3. Remove a Few Doors: Open shelves are a great concept that you may want to consider embracing. Your open cabinets can hold items that you use the most, making the space always look nice and organized.
  4. Add Glass: You can remove part of your cabinet doors and insert glass to change the way that they look. While clear glass is a great option, you may want to consider frosted glass to keep the insides from being too noticeable.
  5. Add Roll-Out Shelves: Your new cabinets have held multiple items over the years, but how many times have you had to empty everything out to find something? If you install roll-out shelves, you can simply pull the shelves out to put things away and take things out. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about messy cabinets ever again.
  6. Add Crown Molding: Adding crown molding around your kitchen cabinets will make them more appealing while also creating a focal point. They can turn your boring kitchen cabinets into ones that are stylish.
  7. Add New Hardware: One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen cabinets look brand new is to swap out the hardware. You can switch the finish, the style, and the shape, while creating a whole new visual appeal in your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix

You can save a lot of money by incorporating some of these ideas with your old kitchen cabinets into your kitchen remodeling project. Use your imagination and choose the option that matches the style of the kitchen you want, and then enjoy your new space that looks better than it ever has. Call us at 602-478-5102 if you’re in the greater Phoenix area and would like to schedule a kitchen design consultation or if you’re a builder in need of top-notch project management for a kitchen remodeling project. We’ll schedule a consultation and get the details ironed out as soon as possible.

4 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas that Will Bring Your Kitchen Current


The kitchen is the room that is used the most in any home, and that is never further from the truth when you invite friends and family over. During these get-togethers, you will find that each and every one of your guests are in the kitchen, as they are eating, drinking, talking, and laughing with everyone else.

We know that you want this space to look as amazing as possible so that you are not embarrassed when people want to spend time in there. Changing up your kitchen cabinets is a wonderful place to start when you are creating an up to date space in your kitchen.

Here are 4 modern kitchen cabinet ideas that will bring your kitchen current:

Add Veneer that Looks Like Wood

Veneer has come a long way over the years, and the newer slabs can last a lifetime if they are done properly. The veneer is a slab of material that looks like wood and it is placed on the sides and fronts of cabinets. The look of the grain on this material makes it seem like it was cut directly from a beautiful local tree.

Add Stainless Steel

You may have already incorporated stainless steel in your kitchen with your appliances, but we also recommend placing it on your cabinets. This material is easy to clean and is quite durable, but it can get scratched without warning. An abundance of fingerprints can also be seen on this type of cabinet material.

Add Floating Shelves

Floating shelves look much more modern than closed cabinets, which is why we usually recommend installing these at least where the upper cabinets are located. A shiny backsplash can be installed behind these floating shelves to add style and a focal point, while also preventing a person from focusing on the items on the shelf.

Add the Color of Your Choice

You can choose to keep your kitchen cabinets a wood color and add some stain, or you can paint them white or any other color. The options are endless and the decision that you make will determine how modern your kitchen is.

Kitchen Remodeling and Design in Phoenix

You never need to completely change out your cabinets when you are updating your kitchen, because there are numerous other options available. While veneer, paint, stain, and stainless steel are a few of the options that were mentioned above, there are even more that you can choose from. You will be surprised at how nice your kitchen looks after you make some of these small changes.

Our office is in Phoenix, but we assist homeowners and other builders in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas as well. Call us at 602-478-5102 to schedule an appointment for a design consultation, project management requests, or to discuss other parts of your upcoming kitchen remodeling project.

Should the Kitchen Triangle Concept be Part of Your Kitchen Remodeling Plans?


Thought and planning must go into the layout because everything you do in this space revolves around its functionality. Therefore the goal when building or remodeling a kitchen is to make it as functional as possible. Since as far back as the 1940s, this has been built on the concept of the kitchen triangle. This idea focuses on the main areas, namely the sink, stove and the refrigerator. If these areas form a basic triangle and they are relatively close together, your time in the kitchen will be better spent. Too much distance between these kitchen essentials can slow you down during meal preparation.

Is it Outdated?

Like other parts of the home, the kitchen is also subject to changing tastes and trends. Currently, it is not seen as being essential to efficiency in the space. For some, it may be an issue of design or layout as well. Part of the reason for the falloff in appeal is that in these modern times, the way people prepare meals has changed. Ultimately, it depends on the size of your kitchen, the layout you want, and whether more than one person will sometimes prepare meals. The basic foundation of the triangle is based on these simple rules:

  • The sides of the triangle should total 12 to roughly 26 feet
  • There should be no traffic through the triangle
  • No kitchen feature should cause an obstruction in any side of the triangle

Flaws in the Concept

As you would expect, the basic weakness of this concept has to do with the fact that some kitchens are simply too small to make it workable. In a galley kitchen, all the cabinets, prep areas, and appliances may be placed on one side only. This design, however, can still be utilized efficiently in meal preparation.

Many homeowners and designers are moving towards more open layouts that give them more flexibility. This rules out the somewhat rigid rules and looks of the kitchen triangle. Also, with more modern appliances like dishwashers, smart fridges, and slow cookers, the nature of meal preparation has changed. The importance of the triangle in boosting efficiency has declined considerably.

Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix

If you are getting ready to carry out a major remodel of the kitchen make practical choices for both style and functionality. Having the stove close to the countertop speeds up meal prep because you don’t have to reach so far. And making sure the dishwasher and trash bin are in close proximity helps with tidying up.

Call us at 602-478-5102 to talk about common sense choices that help with making the best use of the space available in your kitchen. This way you can have the perfect blend of style and an efficient layout, with enough room for your family to gather every now and then.

Modernize Your Kitchen with These Cool High Tech Gadgets

The type of future many of us imagined as children is here now, and we can take advantage of many of these products to update our homes. The kitchen is a good place to start since it is used regularly and often for long stretches at a time. Sometimes the whole family congregates in this space just to spend time together. By adding some of these modern gadgets you can make the time in the kitchen much more fun or even constructive.

  • Smart food scale – simplify calorie counting, meal portions and dieting with a wifi food scale. The accompanying app gives you quick access to food options and restaurant items. With the right type, the entire family will be able to track meals on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Smart ccrockpot– start your meal in the pot, and use your smartphone to monitor the temperature while you’re away from home. You can also use your phone to turn it on or off.
  • Smart kettle – how would you like to have boiling water ready for tea or coffee by the time you get to the kitchen? A wifi enable kettle can save you money as it shortens boiling time due to its precision. You can set the temperature to keep the water warm until you are ready for it.
  • Digital measuring cup – make baking a cinch with a cup that lets you quickly make weight conversions. You can get precise measurements to so you never make mistakes with recipes.
  • High-tech fridge magnet – fridge magnets can be found in many kitchens, but now they have become more useful. High tech offerings can help with ordering pizza, making grocery lists, or scanning product bar codes.
  • Touch faucets – touch faucet technology is both a time and money saver. Depending on the type you choose, you can control the flow of water and the temperature. These faucets generally stay clean since you can use them without touching them directly with your fingers.
  • Smart trash can – no kitchen list can be complete without a way to discard trash. Featuring the same no-touch concept, some cans can open with the wave of a hand. For the ultimate in high tech, there are cans that send smartphone alerts when they are full.

There are many large appliances available for modernizing the kitchen, but article looks at some of the smaller options. Many of these products are budget friendly, and can give any kitchen a quick update. Call us at 602-478-5102 if you’re ready to modernize your kitchen and turn it into the smartest room in the home. We’ll help you redesign the entire space and choose the right appliances for your individual needs.

5 Kitchen Remodeling Must-Haves for Kitchen Cabinet Organization

The number of elements that go into a kitchen make it a difficult one to tackle. Many people have a hard time deciding on the style and color of their cabinets. There are a few other aspects you should be thinking about to get the right amount of functionality. Here are some great cabinet features that can get your kitchen organized.

  1. The corners: the spaces are under-utilized in many kitchens but by using them creating you can solve your storage issues. Corner drawers are not widely used but these L shaped units are nifty must-haves for cabinets. They vary in depth and price, and make good use of the triangular space at the back. Another good option is a Lazy Suzan, a carousel style unit that opens to 90 degrees.
  2. Drawers: don’t skimp on the drawers for your kitchen cabinets, as they add the kind of convenience that users need. Sliding one out gives you quick access to the items you need, with no stretching or moving things out of the way. They also add a design element to cabinets. Most drawers are accessible to people of varying heights, even children and the disabled.
  3. Pull-out spice rack: like most amateur chefs, you probably have a wide range of spices and seasonings that you like to use. Keeping them organized is not always easy, and looking for what you need can slow you down.  You can fit a pull-out spice rack into the side of a cabinet so it will not get in the way of other stored items.
  4. Vertical dividers: kitchen tools come in different shapes and it is good to have an area to store the flat items such as baking trays, lids, cookie sheets and cutting boards. Even when neatly stacked on a shelf or counter they can get in the way or look out of place. Vertical dividers in a cabinet will solve this problem.
  5. Pull-out trash bin: nobody wants to see a bin sitting anywhere in the kitchen. The typical spot is usually somewhere under the counter, but this requires opening a door for access. Add some style and convenience with a slide out bin in the cabinet. Quick access and it ill be out of sight when you don’t need it.

In kitchens, cabinets are vital for organization and neatness but these tips will enhance their functionality. If you are building new cabinets consider these ideas. Cabinets can also be modified to create these features.

Kitchen Remodeling in the Greater Phoenix Area

Remodeling the kitchen is very common, yet we rarely see two kitchens with the same features. Every kitchen has appliances and cabinets, of course, but the overall design is unique each time. We enjoy helping homeowners with bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects, because we understand the importance of these spaces in the home. Give us a call at 602-478-5102 to discuss your upcoming kitchen remodeling project with us. We’ll help you by providing additional creative ideas as well as our professional input.

Consider these 5 Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Kitchen

Even if you think your kitchen is perfect, there may be times you wish you had more space. In smaller kitchen, there is often an urgent need to get creative. Clutter does not suit any kitchen, big or small, and you might be surprised to learn where you can find space. These ideas can make you feel like you have a bigger kitchen, and keep mealtime from becoming stressful.

  1. Make use of vertical space to expand storage. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only available space is at counter level or below. There may be usable space along the wall that can serve as storage. These are great spots for hanging spice racks and peg boards for pots and pans. Use part of the fridge for magnetic or paste on hooks.
  2. If you are having trouble coming up with the right type of lighting you are not the only one. Older fixtures can detract from the look of the space. It is a good idea to look at some of the new types of fixtures on the market. Modernize the kitchen and make meal preparation easier with under cabinet lighting. Look at options such as focus lighting, track lighting and pendant lights.
  3. Repurpose bookcases to help get clutter out of the way. Don’t throw out an old bookcase if you can fid room for it in the kitchen. After a new finish you can use it for mugs, utensils, spices or any small items that can use up vital space.
  4. Carve out extra space wherever you can. You might not be able to see it just by looking, but if you take the time you might be able to find areas for extra kitchen space. A few simple hacks might help with organizing. The stovetop can double as extra counter space if you use a large cutting board. Buy a folding table, or add drawers to the kitchen island. If there is no island, consider adding one if you have enough square footage.
  5. Buy a portable kitchen island if you prefer to avoid having a permanent fixture. You can move it to any convenient spot as needed. It serves as extra storage, and helps to make meal preparation easier.

Most people feel like they simply don’t have enough kitchen space; this is why the kitchen is the most-remodeled room in the home. Part of the reason for this is that some appliances are getting larger, and there are always new kitchen items available. Keep an open mind when trying to maximize space in the kitchen, as there may be options you never thought of before.

Kitchen Remodeling in the Greater Phoenix Area

Remodeling the kitchen is very common, yet we rarely see two kitchens with the same features. Every kitchen has appliances and cabinets, of course, but the overall design is unique each time. We enjoy helping homeowners with bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects, because we understand the importance of these spaces in the home. Give us a call at 602-478-5102 to discuss your upcoming kitchen remodeling project with us. We’ll help you by providing additional creative ideas as well as our professional input.