April 29, 2019 Lisa

Frank Pecora

We recently completed a full tear-out kitchen and master bath replacement with Homework Remodels in our home. It was the second major project on which we engaged Steve Shinn and company. The first was about ten years ago for an addition to our home that added an office/bedroom, laundry room, garage extension, new roof, painting, and changes to the front and rear patios.

Doing such an extensive project that involved all trades gave us the opportunity to really get to know Steve, the quality of work from his team, and the way he runs his business. Needless to say, we were very satisfied and had no hesitation calling Homework Remodels for this latest project.

We were very pleased to see that Steve was not only still in business following the recession that clobbered so many local companies but actually had grown his business over that time. Knowing that Steve takes a long-term approach to manage his business, and having seen his dedication to customer satisfaction, we were not surprised to see that Homework Remodels flourished. We had uncertainties about other contracting firms, so we went with the one we knew and with whom we already had a good experience. We had confidence in Homework Remodels, so it was a pretty easy decision.

One of the changes we found, that was of great value to us, is that Steve now had an in-house designer, Sheila, whose experience and expertise was obvious from our first meeting. It made tackling such a large project a much more comfortable experience. Sheila provided a lot of information on materials, fixtures, and design, and told us where to find more on our own.

The Homework team provided guidance every step of the way and did a great job. I would recommend them for their quality of work and great customer service.