April 30, 2019 Lisa

Tempe Resident

Steve and Sheila are professional, creative, genuine, friendly, and just awesome. We were so bummed out when we got screwed over by a different company over the remodeling of our master bathroom. This happened only a week before we were leaving for Europe – to stay for several months. Steve and Sheila came to the rescue and together we worked out the perfect solutions.  They remodeled the bathroom while we were gone. They developed a webpage where we could track progress and view pictures.  When we returned, we were overwhelmed by the new bathroom. It was just as we wanted it and more! Later, we planned on making our backyard more child-friendly, Steve and Sheila again camp up with great designs. When we left for Europe again, they got to work!

The result was perfect. Homework Remodels are very thorough, very trustworthy, and everything is done by the book. If something isn’t like you want it to be, they fix it. This adds a strong sense of security and trust. We will ask them again the next time we are remodeling!