Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Phoenix, Arizona

This homeowner called us to give his Phoenix Mid Century Modern kitchen a much-needed update. The kitchen was adequate, but he wanted to refresh the finishes and expand the storage space. He wanted to modernize his kitchen while still maintaining its retro feel.

During our design phase, we put together our list of renovation goals for this Phoenix Mid Century Modern kitchen remodel:

  • Install new cabinets and hardware, countertops, backsplash, and appliances.
  • Provide creative ways to maximize storage.
  • Take advantage of unused wall space to install new cabinets.
  • Provide modern layered lighting.

We started with cabinets…

This Phoenix Mid-Century Modern kitchen had a good flow pattern, so that eliminated the need to move any walls or shift cabinets and appliances. We were able to focus our attention on the best choice for new cabinets. We chose a simple wood slab door and added a square cabinet edge molding to enhance the modern look of the door.

New design details updated the kitchen’s look…

Our goal for the cabinet layout, besides a stylish appearance, was to get maximum storage in the space. Adding a corner cabinet and new dining room cabinets added to the available storage. Providing deeper drawers, tall pantry cabinets, and roll-out trays made the most of the existing cabinet space. The wider base cabinets added both additional storage and counter space for a small TV and microwave without taking away any prep space.

We chose a Lagos Azul quartz countertop to complement the existing kitchen finishes. Mosaic glass tiles made for an eye-catching backsplash. The kitchen had a cohesive look with stainless steel repeated in the cabinet pulls, ventilation hood, gas range, French-door refrigerator, and sleek dishwasher. To maintain its retro feel, we kept a wood dining table and added a butcher-block island that provided both function and style.

To complete the facelift on this kitchen, we designed a modern layered lighting plan. We incorporated natural sunlight with recessed can lights. We provided a lighted ceiling fan for the center of the kitchen and then added under-cabinet task lighting. An industrial-style pendant light over the sink provided more task lighting as well as visual appeal.

With this remodel, we achieved all of our design goals. We gave the homeowner a kitchen that successfully blends modern appliances and lighting with the clean lines and warm tones of Mid-Century Modern style and he couldn’t be happier.

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