Mid Century Modern Homes

We have had the pleasure of remodeling several Mid Century Modern Homes in the greater Phoenix area. Each is as unique as its’ owner, but they do have many attributes in common that make Mid Century Modern Homes.

The movement became popular in the 1950’s and focused on ranch style homes built from the 1940’s to the mid 70’s.  A lot of the architectural styling was inspired by the prairie style home which spoke to the relationship between architecture and the natural environment, wherever the home is located.  the home and family values. A simple, clean look that emphasized a lifestyle striving to put home and family first. Mothers wanted a modern kitchen that included a window over the sink, so that she could keep an eye on the kids in the back yard. Families embraced an open floor plan, allowing them to keep each other in sight, instead of being in separate rooms all the time.

Let Nature In

Glass was used to define spaces within the home. Floor to ceiling windows create drama and allow natural light to permeate through the open floor plan. Exposed beams are another facet of Mid Century Modern Homes. Wood finishes, especially exotic veneers, became extremely popular in these homes. Wood planked ceilings are often used, giving a natural, warm feeling to the spaces.

Colors that POP!

There are several color palettes that work well with Mid Century Modern homes. One of the most popular is the stunning combination of aqua and tangerine. This complementary color scheme is simple, easy to accomplish and adds energy to your spaces. The other popular color schemes all focus on a neutral palette with a pop of vivid contrast. An example would be cool grays with a splash of citrus. Also, you could use neutral tans with a pop of chartreuse or bright pink. In addition, for the more artistic, an overall black and white color palette on the walls, furniture and accessories. Then, the space is energized by a wonderfully colorful area rug. Fun and unexpected!




Interior Remodeling – Converting a wood Fireplace

When you are ready for interior remodeling – converting a wood fireplace to now use an alternative fuel source is an easy and environmentally friendly interior project. Whether your home is Transitional, Southwestern or Mid Century Modern, we have the perfect solution for you. Interior Remodeling - Converting a FireplaceConverting a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace has many benefits, such as being more energy efficient than wood, without the mess and expense. Gas fireplaces can be used on “No Burn” days or when the electricity is out. No more cold nights! They are designed to produces real flames, like wood, without the hot embers that could potentially start a fire. Gas is reliable, easy to control and remodeling adds value to your home. Another environmentally friendly alternative to wood are electric fireplaces. No heat is lost up the chimney as electric fireplaces have a fan that blows the hot air out into the room. They too, can be used on “No Burn” days and are easy to clean and maintain. Interior Remodels Fireplace Conversion Installation is simple and to light it, just flip a switch! Since no venting or gas lines are needed, they are portable and there is no danger of a fire starting. They offer precise temperature control and are designed so they can be used without heat, if you only want the ambiance of flames. Alcohol gel fireplaces are designed to be vent free and portable also. These too can be used on “No Burn” days. Clean burning and smoke free, they do produce the sound of a wood burning fireplace, none of the others do, without the harmful fumes or hot popping embers. Alcohol burning fireplaces will produce more warmth for a longer period of time than wood will. Being environmentally conscience has become easier with the variety of alternate fuel sources available to homeowners today. Long gone are the days of chopping, hauling and stacking wood to dry, or having to pay someone else to do it for you! Interior remodeling – converting your existing wood burning fireplace is easy to accomplish, easy on your budget and easy on nature.

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