Award-Winning Traditional Kitchen

A perfect demonstration of the value of 3D illustrations in designing custom spaces!

This award-winning traditional kitchen remodel demonstrates the value of using 3D illustrations. When using 3D illustrations we are able to show proposed changes as we work with our homeowners designing their custom spaces. Our design clients love how this process makes it easy to visualize how the new room will look and function.

This Kitchen Was Not Working

It was obvious this kitchen was not working in multiple ways. It lacked counter space for food preparation. It didn’t have enough storage for everything from pantry items to the homeowners’ important office paperwork. The kitchen’s shortcomings led to clutter that had accumulated in several areas across the kitchen.

How We Began to Make it Work

We had hoped to raise the ceiling, but we found numerous mechanical items between the ceiling and the second floor that prevented us from raising the ceiling. However, we were able to remove the outdated fiberglass panels in the ceiling and replace the fluorescent lighting with recessed lighting and a modern-style chandelier.

The existing exhaust hood was closing in the space and making the ceiling feel even lower. We installed an ultra-modern hood that recessed into the ceiling. With this new exhaust hood, it added a beautiful visual feature as well as opening up the view both in and out of the kitchen.

In order to create a more open floor plan with additional work space, we removed the cluttered walk-in pantry.  Then, we relocated the coat closet that had been intruding from the next room. By reconfiguring the floor plan, we were able to bring in custom pantry cabinets to store food prep items in a more organized manner.  It also created a new open area with an open view of the family room beyond, as well as additional counter space with its own prep sink for easier meal preparation.

Additional storage cabinets were added with custom features for organizing and storing the homeowners’ household files and paperwork. We also added numerous large pot drawers to the lower cabinets to increase the available space for storing a wide variety of kitchen items within easy reach.

When the remodel was done, our clients had a much more open kitchen that not only had more storage space but it also functioned well.  With the added value of using 3D illustrations, the client was able to be a part of the process every step of the way.

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