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Once small, cramped and dark

First of all, we are proud to feature this modern open kitchen remodel. This kitchen was once small, cramped and dark. After re-configuring the cabinet and appliance layout, the space opened up for our homeowners.  Now, they have a unique space that reflects their personalities.

The counters are Blue Pearl granite.  While an amazing steel backsplash consisting of 6 individual panels gives the entire space a seamless look and a contemporary edge.  In addition, the new cabinets are cherry with long, sleek coordinating stainless steel drawer pulls.  Also, that gorgeous backsplash reflects the under-cabinet LED lighting.

Now a space that is functional, bright and cheerful

Finally, the new flush mounted can lights in the ceiling make this kitchen remodel bright and cheery. Furthermore, plenty of built-in storage was added.  Another perk, now there is room for a collection of cook books and a place for the homeowners to show off their decorative pieces.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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